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Not Your Average Mac And Cheese Recipe

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We know you all love your mac and cheese, but wouldn’t it be better if you fried it? The answer is a definite yes, of course! This recipe is perfect as an appetizer for one of your remarkable shindig. Even though your friends expect a delicious appetizer, they’ll be caught off guard with this Decadent Fried Mac And Cheese recipe. Seriously, who would have guessed that a simple dish like mac and cheese could get any better?!

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Continue to surprise your guests with this awesome recipe by making it your own. Stick to the listed ingredients or add in a few bacon pieces, we’ve tried it and can’t say we didn’t eat up thee whole tray. The cheesy filling. The crispy outer layer. It’s simply out-of-this world. If you haven’t tried it before, you need to try it now. C’mon get with it, you know you want to.

For real, get a move on it. Put that pasta to use!

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