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Get Creative With This Mini Pizza Appetizer

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In case you haven’t heard, making your own pizza is in and we wanted to update you on the latest trend. Aren’t we the best? Maybe, we are but were definitely not as good as these Homemade Mini Pizza Appetizers.

Keep reading for the recipe.

This recipe works great as an appetizer, of course, or the main meal. Not to mention we know you’ll have a lot of fun making them. Just grab a few friends and have a mini pizza party! Trust us, crafting your own pizza has been done many times, but sharing the experience with others is another experience in itself.

Your guests will be thrilled to know what is going on their pizza! And even though this pizza is delicious the way it is, feel free to have a few extra ingredients lying around. You never know what someone will be craving! What are you waiting for? This recipe is dying to be made.

Click here for this recipe and more like it!

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