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A Gnocchi Recipe That’s Better Than The Rest

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All right everyone; get your stomachs ready because you’re going to want to save from for these homemade gnocchi. Don’t know why? Because it’s GNOCCHI. Duh!

Keep reading for the recipe.

Feast your eyes on the prize and don’t get to discourage, this recipe is made from scratch, so it’s going to take some time to make, so we’re making you work up on appetite with this Italian recipe. Not happy about it? Stop being a Debbie downer; they’re totally worth the effort.

We don’t want to pressure you or anything, but they’re definitely cheaper to make than a flight to Italy. Not sold yet? That’s okay; you can only take our word for it until you give them a try.

Get your family together and make an evening out of it. We promise that this recipe is fun to make and will go great with that bottle of vino you’ve had in your fridge for some time.

Get the pots, get the pans and get your cork screw out! This recipe is a real piece of work.

Click here for this recipe and more like it. 

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