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Twist It Up This Thanksgiving With This Amazing Side

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you’re in charge of dinner this year. Sure, there’s always room on the table for your grandma’s green bean casserole, but “The Times Are A Changin'”.

Keep reading for the recipe! 

Instead of the same sides each year, you’re going to want to mix it up and wow your guests! These Mashed Yams And Apples recipe is outstanding, and will add some spark to your table. Feeling a little iffy about the recipe? There’s no need to. It’s creamy and loaded with flavor you can relish over.

This is truly an essential Thanksgiving recipe that adds a little flair to your life! The yams combined with the apples are just down right amazing. Just follow the easy steps and this dish will be all yours.

Say goodbye to regular yams and say hello to the new and improved side with the twist.

Everyone will be gobbling it all up. Gobble gobble* everyone!

*Happy Thanksgiving

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