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Pot Pie In A Cast-Iron Skillet? Yes, It Can Be Done And It’s Delicious

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Everyone loves cooking in a cast-iron skillet. It adds flavor and you can practically make anything in it. This recipe is the proof that everything in a cast-iron skillet tastes so much better!

Keep reading for the recipe…This pot pie is different from the rest of them. It has crunch, flavor, and is not that difficult to make. Just toss all the ingredients into the cast iron skillet, sauté them for a bit, and to with the magnificent and crunch top! It’s that easy, so easy that you can make it for all the family to enjoy.

The chicken is tender, the veggies are soft with a slight crunch, and the gravy within just is loaded with flavor! You’ll absolutely adore these pot pies. Try them out tonight, you’re gonna love it! Tell us what you think about this recipe.

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