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When Beer Meets Meat: Your Go-To Summer Barbecue Combination

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With summer right around the corner, you can almost hear the grill itching to be turned on and the meat waiting to be charred to perfection.

However, pairing your selection of meat with the right kind of beer is just as important.

With dozens of beer selections ranging from light to dark and bitter to sweet, finding the perfect beer to drink alongside your charred slab of meat is essential.


So the next time you fire up your grill this summer, try some of these pairings and marinating tricks using the perfect beer and choice of meat.

Beer Pairing

Pale Ale: As a result of its light color and carbonated appearance, lighter beers such as pale ale go great with fatty meats that are bursting with tons of juices and flavors.

Hamburgers, chicken wings, and pulled pork are the perfect choices since the bubbly liquid of pale ale has the ability to cut through the rich flavors of any meat, so a lighter beer such as pale ale is a popular choice.

Pale ale also complement leaner cuts of meats, due to the pairings of lighter flavors.

Dark Ale: Since darker brews of beer have bolder flavors, meats such as steak, sausage, and turkey combat with the powerful taste of the beer. As these meats are considered to be heavier in serving and taste, a heavier drink is needed to make sure nothing is overpowered.

Lager: This aged beer is popular for a reason. Due to its crisp and long-lasting taste, lagers are best paired with smoked or grilled sausages because of the caramelized flavors that both the meat and the beverage hold.

Extra toppings such as mustard, relish or onions also help in bringing out the sharpness of the meat and the mellowness of the lager.

Pilsner: This light beer goes great with a leaner cut of meat, so that neither the flavor of the beer nor the meat is masked. It makes for a perfectly light combination!

Stout: This bitter beer beverage complements the fattiness of a tough piece of steak quite well. A smooth brand of stout would also pair well with steak because of the smoothness in textures and the boldness in flavors. Since both the meat and the beer are tough, why wouldn’t you want to pair them together?

Porter: Whether smoked or smooth, a classic porter beverage can be paired with several different types of grilling and barbecuing meats. One of these meats include steak because of the rich flavors that both the porter and steak possess.

A porter that is smoked would pair well with a classic pulled pork sandwich due to the smoky flavors that both meat and beverage omit. As some porters hold a hint of chocolate flavor to them, the porter’s sweetness pairs nicely with the sweetness of the sauce that is typically used for pulled pork.

If you’re barbecuing some wings, porters make for a great match because of the mild to hot flavors that the wing hold, making for a rich and smoky pairing.

Malts: Malts go great with a nice slab of turkey because the smooth texture of the malt highlights the herbs and spices that enrich the turkey meat. Go with a darker malt for added texture.

Don’t Forget the Marinade!

Beer doesn’t have to be just a beverage to pair with your meat-it can be used as a marinade as well! Coating your meat in your choice of beer adds an extra ounce of flavor that has the potential to bring all of those delicious juices out of the meat.

When it comes to choosing the perfect beer to marinate your meat, you can actually get a bit creative when choosing the beverage to use. The type of beer used is really entirely up to you, however it is recommended to use a darker beer beverage because a lighter beer beverage does not possess the bold, rich flavors that a darker blend does.


Cooking with Beer

Beer does not have to just be a drink to have on the side with your meal or a liquid to soak your meat in; you can incorporate beer into your next recipe too! Using your favorite beer as a key ingredient for your perfect barbeque menu enhances flavors and gives you another reason to stock up on beer. Follow these recipes below for some ideas on how you can incorporate beer into your next recipe today!


Beer Brat: This simple recipe has few ingredients and incorporates a good amount of beer! By adding pale ale to the brat, the fatty texture of the meat is enhanced and the flavors of the meat are more noticeable as compared to the beer. Opt for this beer brat instead of the typical hot dog at your next summer outing.

Recipe: http://grilling.betterrecipes.com/beer-bratwursts.html

Beer Chocolate Cake: You can put beer in absolutely anything and it will automatically become a little better. This cake is no exception. Chocolate and a stout beer pair perfectly to create a delicious dessert that you can serve all summer long!

Recipe: http://cake.betterrecipes.com/chocolate-beer-cake.html

Beer Battered Onion Rings: What goes better with a crispy sandwich other than onion rings? Take this onion ring recipe to the next level by adding a cup a beer to the list of ingredients. One bite into these rings and you will automatically be able to taste the sourness of the onion, the ring’s flakey crust, and the bitterness of the beat, all with one bite! Check out the recipe below so you can make this flavorful recipe with your next sandwich or burger dish!

Recipe: http://appetizer.betterrecipes.com/beer-battered-onion-rings-1.html

Beer Burger: There is no better flavor combination than beef and beer! A grilled beef patty alone has tons of rich juices to it, however adding a can of beer turns the juicy flavors of the beef patty up a notch. Experiment with different beer flavors to see which beer flavors work best with the hamburger meat. Just as you would use a darker beer as a marinade, it can also be used as a blend alongside other ingredients. It’s as easy and combining hamburger meat, ranch, and beer into a nicely-sized patty! Consult the recipe below for further details.

Recipe: http://beef.betterrecipes.com/slaters-50-50-bacon-cheeseburgers-on-salted-pretzel-buns.html

Beer Battered Fried Pickles: While fried pickles might not have the popularity factor that onion rings do, fried pickles are nonetheless mouthwatering and delicious. Coating this already tangy side dish in beer enhances the flavor profiles of both the already battered pickles and the beer. Go ahead and try this recipe out for your next barbecue side dish!

Recipe: http://appetizer.betterrecipes.com/beer-battered-fried-pickles.html

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