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The Best Cookies You’re Ever Going To Have For Breakfast

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Eating cookies for breakfast, doesn’t that take you back to childhood? These cookies are not chocolate chip, no, they’re better than that! These cookies are all your breakfast needs packed into a single cookie that tastes amazing!

Keep reading for the recipe…Oatmeal is great, but how could you eat it while driving? Don’t try that, please, it’s pretty dangerous! These cookies are basically a fruity and tasty bowl of oatmeal packed into a cookie! Berries are a great fruit for a cookie because it’s not overly sweet but they taste amazing, and pecans are just a perfect nut for baking (or anything for that matter). These cookies are so simple that you can bake with a kid or you could bake them when your in a rush! All it takes is a few ingredients and an oven to have simple breakfast that’s full of flavor! Try this out!

Click here for the recipe:

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