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Mini Strawberry Fruit Tarts FOREVER

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Anything mini is always great! You get to hold it in one hand and do whatever you want with the other. Now, with these strawberry fruit tarts, you can have one giant burst of strawberry deliciousness all packed into a bitesize treat that’s perfect for parties or something to snack on!

Keep reading for the recipe…Strawberries are a great fruit for baking. They just become even better when you give them a good cook! This delectable dessert will have you and anyone else who tries it wanting for more and more (luckily this recipe serves 70). This soft and crumbly tart crusts go perfectly will the strawberry filling! Baking this tasty treat will bring all the perfect tastes of strawberries to your table, and it doesn’t even take long to make! You have to try this!

Click here for the recipe:

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