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Certified Passion, Certified Delicious, Certified Angus Beef

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I do what I do out of passion. I thoroughly enjoy writing about food and being exposed to people who share the same passion as me. That’s why when I was recently invited to Ohio to visit with the folks at Certified Angus Beef, I jumped at the opportunity. I had known their product from seeing the label in stores, but really didn’t appreciate the heart and soul that went into their business until my trip. I could get sappy all day, but let’s get to what we came here to talk about… beef.

Keep reading to find out more about what goes into this delicious treat… So anyway, I have to admit that I had been a vegetarian for a number of years prior to going on this trip, but had recently switched back to the carnivore team. That being said, I was still not prepared for the deluge of delicious meats I was about to experience. Throughout the trip, I learned a lot about the process, the strict standards it takes to get the certification, and had a great time with the folks at the brand.

What really struck me about the way Certified Angus Beef operates is that they own no product, but instead develop the standards for the certification. Through their education center and outreach like the trip I went on, they let people know exactly what they and the farmers they work with represent. That striking photo above was actually taken on a family ranch we visited, so the personal touch was fantastic.  I had always told myself that if I ever went back to eating meat, I would do so and make a concerted effort to learn what goes into the process. This trip allowed me to learn a lot more than I used to, and it was great.

My favorite part of the trip was undoubtedly the meat lab, as it really let me know what I’m talking about when I go to steakhouses. Of course, people expect me to know what I’m talking about when it comes to cuts of meat, but I usually used to kind of wing it (for better or worse). Now, I have a whole new appreciation of what goes into the cuts of meats I use in the meals I prepare. I know that because we watched an entire carcass be separated into the various cuts of meat. And yes, I did get in on the action, although I stopped myself before boxing with the carcass Rocky-style.

I think what struck me so much, and what we tend to miss when we’re cruising down the aisles of our local grocery store, is that human element. The amount of work it went into breeding these animals to meat a strict level of standards, making sure they have enough comfort so that they aren’t under stress (which produces a bad product), and passing down the traditions from generation to generation.

I know that personally, I developed a much stronger appreciation of the passion that goes into this industry, particularly from the people at Certified Angus Beef and the ranchers they work with. No one should do anything in life without passion, and everyone from the marketing people, to the chefs, all the way to the ranchers themselves show a true love for what they do. It’s palpable, and pretty damned delicious.

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