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Sumptuous Slow-Cooker French Onion Soup

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This sumptuous slow-cooker French onion soup is fantastic, and makes a great main course to enjoy during the week. Just throw everything into the crockpot in the morning, and come home to a delicious meal! You can even serve this in a bread bowl if you’re feeling indulgent, and it’ll make an absolutely delicious option for a weekday lunch. If you’re feeling like making this recipe even heartier, try adding some chicken or steak into the mix and enjoy!

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This French onion soup is great for parties, and makes quite a fancy starter to serve at your next formal dinner party. If you’re feeling like putting a spin on the recipe, use garlic bread instead of regular toast in the recipe. Use whatever fresh herbs you happen to have on hand for garnish, and savor the flavor of this classic soup recipe!

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