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Toasted Pistachio Cheesecake With No Sugar

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There’s nothing like a cheesecake in the Spring to sweeten up your meals, but they can really weigh you down with all that sugar. Plus, if you’re someone who’s on a low-sugar diet but doesn’t want to sacrifice any flavor or miss out on any of the decadence, this easy dessert recipe is right up your alley! Serve this at your next potluck, and your guests won’t believe that this is a cheesecake without sugar. It tastes too good!

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This cheesecake is just wonderful with the addition of some sugar-free chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. This cheesecake is just so easy to prepare. Plus, this guilt-free sweet treat is great to freeze and thaw prior to the party. You can even cut this recipe into little squares and place it into small cellophane bags for people to take home!

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