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Picnic-Ready Refreshing Blood Orange and Quinoa Salad

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We just love a refreshing and easy salad recipe to serve during our outdoor parties, and this blood orange and quinoa salad makes a perfect accompaniment to your favorites! Your grilled meats, sandwiches, and other Spring and Summer favorites will be wonderfully accented by the tart citrus flavor in this salad. Plus, the quinoa throws in a serious nutrient boost that’s bound to keep you full for quite awhile. Frankly, this is a healthy recipe that tastes like it isn’t!

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This light salad also happens to be vegan, and is just great for people who are on a diet. If you’re looking to make this a little more protein packed, however, feel free to add some shredded chicken or pork to the top of this. Those lean meats won’t add too many fat calories, so it’ll be great.

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