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Bacon-Wrapped Salmon Over Grilled Asparagus

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With summer just on the horizon, we thought we’d share a delicious seafood recipe that’s loaded with flavor and can eventually be prepared outdoors when the weather warms up. When it’s too chilly to prepare this recipe outdoors, just make it on a grill pan inside and serve over a bed of wild rice. This also makes a wonderful lunch recipe when placed into a toasted pretzel bun.

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We especially love this recipe with a very light drizzling of maple syrup over the top or a dollop of a fresh herb cream cheese. This makes an absolutely wonderful potluck recipe because it’s just so darned easy to prepare. It’s the right mix of indulgent and healthy, and the bac0n provides a salty kick. Plus, this recipe travels very well, and can even be served at room temperature and still taste great!

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