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Crazy-Good Crockpot Fettuccine Alfredo With Ham

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We love fettuccine Alfredo, it’s a classic Italian dish and a nice changeup from the usual pizza recipes and fettuccine Alfredo made with chicken. This version is even easier, because it’s prepare in the slow-cooker which will make your life so much easier. Just prepare it in advance and go about your day! We love to serve this recipe with some whole wheat garlic bread served alongside. You can even make this simple weeknight dinner recipe even easier by subbing in some whole wheat noodles in place of the standard ones.

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This recipe is just perfect for a weekday lunch. Just pack it up with a light salad and some light oil and vinegar dressing. You can even serve this recipe with some freshly made biscotti as a sweet snack afterward.

Our favorite part of this simple dinner recipe? You can prepare this recipe in advance, store it in a covered casserole dish in the freezer, and then warm it just before serving. It’s perfect!

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