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8 Juicy, Flavorful Beefless Burger Recipes

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Burger season is here, if you ask us. If we don’t get frostbite when we go outside, that means we can start grilling! Yeah, we know, we’re crazy. Don’t you just love a good burger? We do, but we’re tired of the same old ground beef. That’s why we’ve come up with these 8 fantastic new meatless burger recipes that you’re sure to love! Just look at how good this Italian Fish Burger looks!

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These burger recipes are fantastic, and with everything from these seafood burgers to burgers made with eggplant and a new spin on the traditional veggie burger inside, you’re going to absolutely love how these turn out! We just can’t get enough. Our favorite ways to serve these simple burger recipes include with some sweet potato chips, a side salad of greens, or even with some lighter mashed potatoes on the side.

Interested in the rest of the recipes? Well, click here to see them!

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