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Light Fried Vietnamese Vegetarian Spring Rolls

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Don’t you just love that it’s March, and the weather outside is still ridiculously cold and dreary? Anyway, we’ve decided to fully embrace Spring, even though it’s not officially here yet. That includes preparing some lighter faire to help us get ready for the warmer weather. Spring rolls are one of our favorite Asian appetizers to enjoy normally, and this vegetarian version is just perfect for Lent! Even the meat eaters are going to love this simple starter.

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This recipe calls for the Spring rolls to be quickly fried just prior to serving, but this step is optional. Personally, we don’t enjoy the spring roll wrappers uncooked, so we like to quickly harden them a little. If you are going to take our advice and just lightly cook the outsides, we recommend you use a nonstick skillet that you spray with cooking spray. Yes, we’re aware that it’s double the non-stick, but those wrappers will stick and tear unless they’re able to slip around the pan like ice on a griddle. Try them tonight!

Click here to try the Light Fried Vietnamese Vegetarian Spring Rolls!

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