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Crockpot Tender French Beef Stew With a Twist (Healthy Beef Bourguignon)

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By now, you’ve probably had a dozen and a half French beef stew recipes. However, they can be loaded with butter and fat, which does serious damage to our waistlines. We really don’t know how the French can stay so slim. Well, maybe we do. It could have something to do with recipes like this one.

Try out our healthier version of the classic French recipe and let us know what you think! This simple crockpot recipe is perfect for people watching their weight, or those who want their meals to have a bit more nutritional pop.

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We love to serve this quintessential French food on a bed of freshly prepared arborio rice. If desired, you can make it extra indulgent by serving on a bed of fresh garlic mashed potatoes. Even something as simple as some hot and crusty garlic bread makes a wonderful accompaniment to the dish. The wine, sweet potatoes, and carrots add a wonderful nutritional kick that really ups the ante for this recipe.

Click here to try The Classic French Beef Bourguignon with a Twist!

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