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Asian Lemon Ginger Sticky Wings For The Game

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In the spirit of preparing some delicious eats for the football game on Sunday, we thought we’d share one of our new favorite wing recipes with you. Don’t get us wrong, we love the usual bottle of bag of frozen wings + fryer + bottle of barbecue sauce = heaven routine, but sometimes we crave something a little better tasting and better for us. These Asian-influenced chicken wings are fantastic because they lighten things up by baking without sacrificing any flavor or crispiness.

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These wings are wonderful, because they have the addition of garlic and lemon to an already fantastic sauce. They are dusted with a little lemon pepper after searing and saucing but prior to baking; this allows the flavor to caramelize into the sugars of the sauce. We actually recommend not serving these wings with any dipping sauce, because the one they’re slathered in is more than enough. However, we do love to pair this with a light mayonnaise-free Cole slaw and some julienned veggies.

Click here to give these Asian Lemon Garlic Sticky Wings a try!

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