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The Best Winter Ratatouille Ever?

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Ratatouille may sound foreign, and it is! It’s a French vegetable dish that makes a wonderful winter dinner. This recipe is a classic, and we didn’t do much to the original, because it’s pretty much perfect. When served as a side, meatless main course, or even as a healthy snack, this versatile dish is fantastic. Plus, you can transition this dish from winter to the warmer months, as it can also be served cold.

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We recommend pairing this recipe with a dark, tangy and almost earthy red wine. If you’re looking for a meaty main course to serve alongside this dish, we love a traditional filet of beef. Though, this also pairs nicely with a delicate fish like tilapia. Also, if you happen to have some other vegetables beside the ones we include in this recipe, feel free to toss them in. Things like turnips, parsnips, and even celery root work beautifully here.

One of our favorite tricks with this recipe is to add some toasted garlic croutons made of French bread into the mix just prior to serving. It becomes somewhat of a hybrid between an Italian panzanella and the ratatouille. The croutons will soak up the juice from the veggies, and it’ll be even more delicious! Enough about our tricks, let’s just get to the easy meatless recipe.

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