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Elegant Orange and Pear Tart With Strawberry Glaze

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Isn’t this simple dessert absolutely beautiful? Imagine how perfect this dessert would look in the center of your dessert table. A winter potluck dessert favorite, this recipe is also great for when you feel like cooking or baking to help de-stress. We’ve been known to have a slice of this by the fire ourselves.

We love to use in-season fruits for this recipe, especially the lemons and apples that are in season now. A skinned and seeded Meyer lemon combined with a Bramley apple is perfect in this tart. Plus, the recipe is basic enough that you can make some healthy substitutions, if you desire!

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If you’d like, you can use a storebought crust for this recipe, but we really recommend preparing the one in the directions. It’s made with a few simple ingredients, and the ground hazelnuts and pecans five it a unique flavor. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Click here to try out the Elegant Orange and Pear Tart with Strawberry Glaze!

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