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Blueberry Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Ganache

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There’s something so perfect about an angel food cake in the winter. Perhaps it serves as a nice contrast to all the heavy comfort foods we get used to eating during the cold months. However, we tend to get bored with the traditional angel food cake recipe, so we thought we’d spice it up.

By folding in fresh blueberries, a hint of orange zest, and garnishing with a simple chocolate ganache recipe, this light cake recipe is transformed into something truly gourmet. Plus, this cake freezes very well, which means you can whip it up early in the week and prepare the ganache a few hours before serving!

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This cake recipe is so wonderful, because you can adapt the ingredients to take advantage of seasonal fruits. For an even simpler and elegant version, skip the ganache entirely and dust with powdered sugar just prior to serving. If you’re feeling like having a cheat day on that diet, you can use chocolate and peanut butter chips in place of the blueberries for this recipe.

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