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Wild Rice Stuffing

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As you plan your Thanksgiving spread, consider a little twist on the classic stuffing side dish.  This “Wild Rice Stuffing” is a hearty yet elegant accompaniment to your holiday meal! 

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I have always loved wild rice.  Growing up in Illinois we used to get beautiful wild rice from Minnesota.  In fact, I think the boy scouts in our area used to even sell it door-to-door as a fundraiser!  It is a stellar choice as a side dish because wild rice is high in protein, high in fiber and low in fat.

In this recipe, wild rice is combined with vegetables, herbs, dried fruit and nuts.  There is even a handful of Grape-Nuts cereal in there to add crunch to the dish.

It’s fantastic with your Thanksgiving turkey or maybe with some Cornish Hens at Christmas dinner!

Excited to try this “Wild Rice Stuffing?”

Follow this link for the recipe –>  http://thanksgiving.betterrecipes.com/wild-rice-stuffing-2.html

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