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Pumpkin Spice Smoothie (on the go!)

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Imagine all your favorite flavors of a pumpkin pie…without the guilt!  Sounds impossible, right?

This “Pumpkin Spice Smoothie” not only tastes like a slice of pie, it just happens to be packed with fruits and veggies.  It is the perfect on the go treat to enjoy for breakfast or a snack during the fall months.

Keep reading for the recipe…

To prepare this recipe, I used the new Vitamix S30.  This personal blender not only makes preparing food easy, it makes it portable!  The unit comes with the option of a traditional container or a portable one that easily fits into the cup holder in your car.

I love that it takes up very little countertop space.  That’s an everyday struggle I face in a New York studio apartment!

Over the past few years, with a growing desire for healthy options, smoothie consumption among Americans is on the rise.  We are all starting to realize it is a delicious way to “sneak” heart healthy veggies and fruits into our diet!  In fact, last year 3.42 billion smoothies were made in homes throughout the US.  Around 60% of those smoothies used fresh fruit or vegetables as the base, and 25% specifically used kale.

(If you are tempted to try a kale smoothie, but are afraid you won’t like it, check out this story “How to Make a Kale Smoothie Without Tasting the Kale!)

What else are Americans putting into their smoothies?   Check out some of these smoothie ingredient stats:

Ice:  56%

Yogurt:  52%

Frozen fruit and vegetables:   44%

Fruit juice or concentrate:  40%

Protein powder:  23%

Smoothie mix packets:  16%

Health supplements:  13%

What are you putting into your smoothies?

For the ingredients in today’s smoothie, I wanted to make it seasonal.  I used homemade pumpkin puree (it’s easy to make, here’s a step-by-step tutorial), fresh carrot juice, and, of course pumpkin pie spice.

Now, there’s one important thing to remember if you are making a smoothie with the S30 on the go container.  The ingredients need to be layered “upside down” or the opposite way you would when using the traditional container.  That’s because you actually attach the blade to the top and then flip it upside down to blend.

For this recipe I started with 5 ice cubes, then layered salted caramel nonfat Greek yogurt, pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice, honey and finally carrot juice.  When the blade is attached and then turned upside down into the unit, the juice will be on the bottom to help get the ingredients going and blending perfectly!

I made this smoothie yesterday morning and took it with me on a walk in Central Park.  It was so easy and portable!  What a treat to have my breakfast while gazing at the fall colors and people watching.

It seems I am not alone in my need for portable smoothies.  Nowadays 39% of us consume these beverages on-the-go, a 9% increase from 2013.  And those in the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups are more likely than other groups to consume their smoothies outside the home.

What are we waiting for, let’s make this smoothie!

Want to make your own “Pumpkin Spice Smoothie” on-the-go?

Follow this link for the recipe –>  http://drink.betterrecipes.com/pumpkin-spice-smoothie.html

*Statistics based on an online study by ORC International.

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