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Easy Crockpot Solutions

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Get ready….because Crock-Pot cooking is about to get even easier!

All week long I am going to share with you some new and exciting slow cooker recipes.  Today I wanted to kick things off with easy crockpot solutions that will revolutionize how you look at preparing meals in your favorite countertop appliance.

Keep reading for the recipes…

What makes crock-pot cooking so easy is the “fix it and forget it” aspect of meal preparation.  Simply add the ingredients to the crockpot, set a timer and your meal is ready a few hours later.

Imagine if on busy weeknights you didn’t even have to worry about the slicing, dicing, chopping or measuring?   By spending a little time on the weekend, you can prep meals for an entire week (or more!).

1)  Label Freezer Bags

Start by labeling gallon size freezer bags not only with the name of the recipe, but with a quick summary of the slow cooker instructions.  This way, you won’t even need to search for the recipe when you are ready to make the meal.

 2)  Fill with Ingredients 

Anything that you would put in the crock-pot, you can put in the zip top bag.  If you put in the effort now to chop the vegetables or measure the spices, it will make cooking the meal so much easier later.  You can even prepare the ingredients for several crock-pot meals assembly line style.  It’s easy to prep an entire week of dinners in just a short time on a weekend.

 3)  Freeze Flat and Stack

After you have filled the freezer bags, make sure to let out all the air and zip them up tight.  Then lay them flat in the freezer – this will make it easy to stack the bags later.  It is also a great space-saving solution!

Then, when you are ready to plan dinner, simply defrost and prepare the meal according to the directions on your label.

Stay tuned to The Daily Dish all week long for recipes I have prepped, frozen and cooked using this technique.  (Hint:  Some of them are right there in this picture!)


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