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Baltimore Bed and Breakfast

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Last weekend I had the extraordinary pleasure of visiting Scarborough Fair, a quaint bed and breakfast nestled in the row houses along historic Charles Street in Baltimore, Maryland.

This charming property run by innkeeper Barry Werner is a unique oasis in the heart of the city.  Scarborough Fair is more than just a place to rest your head for the night, walking through the front gate feels like being welcomed into the home of an old friend.

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The bed and breakfast has six guest rooms, and I was lucky enough to stay in the distinctive Edgar Allen Poe Suite, complete with a black raven on the mantelpiece.

What attracted me most to this particular bed and breakfast was the emphasis on breakfast.  If you want to check out the caliber of cuisine at Scarborough Fair, take a look at the From the Kitchen page on their website.

Each morning, guests select an early or late seating time for breakfast in the cozy dining room.  Soft music plays as you sip your morning coffee (local, of course) and Barry prepares your meal in the kitchen.

What he serves is nothing short of a feast.  There is always homemade granola and his signature biscotti on hand, as well as an assortment of bite-sized pastries.  He alternates each morning between savory and sweet breakfast options.  Take a look at the menu from last Sunday.

Barry says “details make the difference” and offered some serving suggestions to make your weekend pancakes and waffles even more delectable.

Barry’s Tips for Serving Pancakes and Waffles:

-Use dried fruits and nuts to enhance the fall flavors. Try dried cranberries, apricots or pears.

-Candied pecans or ginger adds a touch of earthy sweetness.

-Fresh seasonal fruit such as apples and pears sautéed in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon is great atop a stack of these amber colored gems.

-For even greater flavor add some black or blueberries and bananas for a final salute to summers sweetness.

-Use a squirt type bottle filled with apple or pumpkin butter to drizzle on the plate and atop the pancakes.

His “Rosemary Sweet Potato Waffles” are a creative twist on this breakfast staple.

Barry says, “These wonderful waffles are the flavors of fall on your plate for breakfast. With earthy rosemary combining with the sweetness of the sweet potato, you get a very soul-satisfying breakfast. We often serve these waffles topped off with fresh apples and dried cranberries that we sautéed in a bit of butter cinnamon and brown sugar.”

He was kind enough to share the recipe:

The “Pumpkin Pancakes” were nothing short of extraordinary.

Barry says, “Almost everyone loves the flavors and scents of pumpkin spice in everything from coffee to candles.  This recipe brings the same autumnal cozy smells and tastes to your breakfast table.  We often serve them with big dollops of fresh maple whipped cream, candied pecans & real Pennsylvania syrup.

Follow this link to make the recipe at home:

You won’t have to worry about going home hungry from Baltimore.   Even after a breakfast fit for a king, Barry is armed and ready with neighborhood restaurant recommendations for the rest of your day.

For dinner Saturday night he suggested Ryleigh’s Oyster, just a short walk down the street.  What looks like a cozy local bar reveals itself to be a pure gastronomic delight.

The executive chefs bring a fine dining point of view to this neighborhood pub.  The evening started with oysters, of course.  They were hands down the freshest, most delicious oysters I have ever tasted.  No wonder, since they are farmed exclusively for this restaurant.

We continued with a smoked rockfish spread on top of homemade pretzel bread.  There was a to die for soft-shell crab with horseradish sauce and tomato salad.  (The tomatoes, by the way, are grown and hand-picked in the restaurant owners backyard.)  My favorite might have been the shrimp and grits dish, complete with house made shrimp bratwurst.

Who knew you could sit at a bar stool, watch a football game, and enjoy meal like this!

As you can probably tell, Barry’s kindness and the hospitality at Scarborough Fair is second to none.

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There was only one recipe Barry keeps close to the vest and isn’t willing to publish – his extraordinary “Apricot White Chocolate Macadamia Biscotti.”  I guess you are just going to have to book a weekend at the bed and breakfast to sample them for yourself!

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