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Black Raspberry Jam

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I am always looking for new and exciting homemade jam recipes to try.  When I discovered sweet, tart and gorgeous black raspberries in my farmers market recently, I knew that beautiful flavor needed to be preserved!

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I mean, look at these berries…

The deep purple color is almost as dark as ink and the flavor reminds me of a combination of raspberries and black berries.  The season for black raspberries is short, grab some right now!

One hint if you are ever making any sort of raspberry jam.  Before measuring the berries, sieve about 3/4 of the crushed fruit to remove the seeds or the finished product will be mostly seeds.

I served this Black Raspberry Jam with my favorite homemade French Peasant Bread and it was heavenly!

Follow this link to view the recipe for Black Raspberry Jam –>


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