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Spaghetti and Vegetable “Noodles”

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By now most of us know that a serving size of pasta is much smaller than what we tend to put on our plates.  So how do you indulge in a big bowl of pasta without throwing your diet off track?  Supplement your spaghetti with vegetable “noodles!”

Nowadays it is easier than ever to bulk up your plate with veggies using the popular “spiralizer” tools now on the market.  Really, its just a fancy way of cutting your favorite vegetables into noodle ribbons so they can be easily tossed into your favorite dishes.  Why not make your big bowl of spaghetti half pasta and half vegetables?  Your waistline will thank you!

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To make these vegetable “noodles” I used this new product from Microplane, called a Spiral Cutter.  It quickly and effortlessly created elegant spiral cuts from the zucchini and carrot in this recipe.  The shape is comfortable to hold and you use it like you would a pencil sharpener.  Plus, it is top rack dishwasher safe – I love it!  

This recipe for “Spaghetti and Vegetable ‘Noodles’” can be prepared in under 15 minutes!

Follow this link for the full recipe –>


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