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White Bean Bruschetta

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One of my favorite go-to restaurants in New York City is Mario Batali’s Otto in the Village.   It’s casual yet every dish is made with high-quality ingredients.  Best of all, it is right down the street from my sister’s apartment, so its an easy choice when we are craving Italian.

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Lately we have found ourselves making a point of going there on Tuesdays, because that is the day they serve their White Bean Balsamic Bruschetta as an appetizer.  In fact, we have concluded that this appetizer (along with a few glasses of Italian red wine) is perfectly suitable for dinner.

The ingredients are simple, so I set out to see if I could recreate this dish at home – on days other than Tuesday.  The result tastes almost exactly the same as the restaurant version.  Give it a try for yourself, then book a reservation at Otto to compare!

Ready to try “Otto Restaurant Copycat White Bean-Balsamic Bruschetta?”

Follow this link for the full recipe –>  http://restaurant.betterrecipes.com/otto-restaurant-copycat-white-bean-balsamic-bruschetta.html


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