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Beauty Food and Wellness Day 2014

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Welcome back to day 4 of our summer culinary travel series!

After the hustle and bustle of Istanbul, I headed a few hours outside the city to Turkey’s first and only destination spa – The Richmond Nua Hotel.  Located on the shores of Lake Sapanca, this relaxation haven is focused on health and wellness while offering exceptional luxury service.

There’s no need to worry about your waistline when vacationing at Richmond Nua because the hotel and spa offers a unique “Beauty Food” menu.  These light, healthy and balanced dining options are designed not only to nourish your body, but let your inner beauty shine through.

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This shot was taken from the balcony of my room overlooking the pool, massage cabanas and the sparkling waters of Lake Sapanca.  With a view like this, how could you not relax?

With the thrill and excitement of Istanbul behind me, it was time slow down a bit.  It didn’t take long before I was wrapped in a fluffy bathrobe and lounging in a pair of slippers.

The spa facilities at Richmond Nua were like nothing I had ever experienced before.   The spa menu was overflowing with facials, treatments and massages.  There was also the option for hours of self-guided relaxation in the pools, steam baths, dry sauna and ice grotto.

For me, the most unique experience was my appointment in the traditional Turkish Hamam.  I arrived in a stunning marble room and was greeted by a tall and burly Turkish gentleman wearing nothing more than a thin red towel around his waist.  (I soon found out this too would be my only coverage for the treatment…)  He didn’t speak English, yet somehow I was able to follow his instructions as he washed and scrubbed me from head to toe.  I walked away with baby soft skin and a brand new cultural experience.

One of the main reasons for traveling from Istanbul to Richmond Nua was to celebrate Global Wellness Day, an initiative started by Belgin Aksoy, the owner of the Richmond Nua Wellness Spa.   Her goal is to create one day each year dedicated to health and wellness.  We set aside days to celebrate Earth Day, Valentine’s Day, even our Chocolate Cupcake Day, but there it not one day each year set aside to honor Wellness.  Belgin’s goal is to change that.

The idea behind gathering every year, is the concept that “one day can change your life.”  Maybe on Wellness Day you learn something new about food or exercise, or maybe a panel discussion sparks something inside you to make a doctor appointment you have been avoiding.  It could be any change or positive advancement that starts with a first step, and this one day could be that first step.

Early in the morning on Wellness Day, I went for a stroll around the property and saw this sign (above) at the beginning of a walking path.  I guess this sums up the day perfectly.  Sometimes you just need a sign to tell you to Start.

Througout the event there were cooking demonstrations, yoga classes, inspirational presentations and lots of healthy food and sunshine.

I was there speaking on a panel along with spa and wellness guru Rona Berg, USA today writer Kitty Bean Yancey and moderated by Green Spa Network Board Member Kim Marshall.

Rona discussed trends in the world of beauty, Kitty shared her experiences in wellness travel, while I talked about healthy recipe ideas and culinary trends.

The room was filled with audience members eager to learn more about the topic of health and wellness.  The hotel even provided translation services between English and Turkish with UN-style headphones!

It was such an honor to be a part of this important event.  The goal of wellness day founder, Belgin Aksoy (next to me in the center, in pink) is to take this concept global.  Won’t you join us for Wellness Day 2015?!

If you want to taste a sample of the Richmond Nua Beauty Food menu for yourself, the hotel chef was kind enough to share one of his recipes with me.  This was one of my lunchtime favorites – Blended Broccoli Soup.  It is packed with healthy vegetables and is topped with just a tiny drizzle of cream to make you feel like it is a rich, indulgent treat.  I added a dash of Turkish red pepper flakes I picked up in the Spice Market back in Istanbul to give it a little kick.

Ready to try this “Blended Broccoli Soup?”

Follow this link for the full recipe –>


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