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Green Pans Giveaway

318 Comments | Written on June 9, 2014 at 5:00 am , by

This giveaway is now closed.  

Congratulations to our winner, comment #123 Elaine!

Please email right away to claim your prize.  Winners have 3 days to respond before an alternate winner is selected.  

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Are all the pans in your kitchen worn out?  This giveaway has your name all over it!

I love these Green Pans, because they are a  healthy ceramic non-stick option with 3D surfaces specifically made for preparing particular foods.  One has a flat surface for protein rich foods like eggs, another a dimpled surface for fish and veggies and finally a raised ribbed surface for meat and poultry.

Did you enter the “Seafood Set” giveaway last week?  Click here to find out if you are the winner!  (Winners have three days to respond before an alternate winner is selected!)

Keep reading to learn how to win!

Here is what you can win this week:

I Love Eggs and Pancakes pan
I Love Meat and Poultry pan
I Love Fish and Vegetables pan

Here’s how you can enter to win:

Leave a comment below telling us why you need these new pans in your kitchen!

One lucky winner will be randomly selected in one week from today. Be sure to come back to see if YOU are the winner!  Winners will have 3 days to respond before an alternate winner is selected.  Official Rules

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318 Responses to “Green Pans Giveaway”

  • 1
    Geraldine Rodriguez says:

    I enjoy the green pans that I have already purchased. I have a small one for eggs, and a larger one for chicken or hamburgers. I recently purchased the grill green pan, because my son likes to grill food. These pans are worth the money I have spent for them.

  • 2

    What a fabulous giveaway. I do so need these pans. I have not had a decent pan in a few years. It would so nice to have something to cook in that does not stick. Thanks for the opportunity a chance.

  • 3

    I need these pans because I REALLY need new cooking pans

  • 4
    Mary K. says:

    I need these pans because my current non-stick pans have scratches and are the older(non-healthy?)kind. Plus, I’ve been wanting some of these newer ones for quite a while.

  • 5
    Melissa McDonley says:

    I need these pans because i have worn out my current cook ware. I love to cook and do so daily and could really use the new cook ware and besides it’s a great product to have from the sounds of it.

  • 6
    Shirley Crenshaw says:

    I moved three times in three years and my pots and pans have taken quite a beating. It would be great to win this and have a wonderful set of cookware. Thanks!

  • 7
    denise says:

    my so-called non-stick pans are no longer non-stick

  • 8
    BethD says:

    I need these pans because my current pans are hand-me-downs that have seen much better days and are pretty worn. I’ve never owned new pans before!

  • 9
    Sandy says:

    I need new non-stick pans and these pans look like they would work great!

  • 10
    Susie B says:

    My non- stick pans’ coating has come off and I can’t seem to get them clean anymore. Time for new pans.

  • 11
    Kirsten says:

    I love the idea of nonstick but without the chemicals…No flaking metals.

  • 12
    Linda Palmer says:

    I was just looking at skillets yesterday. My other skillets should really be gotten rid of. Although non-stick, they’re at the sticking point! Did not know that happened. That can’t be good. I need a new skillet, ya think?

  • 13
    Amber says:

    Everything! Hubby and I both cook and haven’t had any new cookware since our wedding and that was a l-o-n-g time ago! Checked these out online and they appear to be well made and popular.

  • 14
    shirleyd says:

    I’ve heard lots of good reports on these green pans and would love to be able to try them.

  • 15
    John Pinto says:

    I’m a 75 year old man and enjoy cooking. I keep a very clean home. These green pans will make my cleaning up chores after cooking much easier. Thank you.

  • 16
    Oanh Ho says:

    My non-stick pans at the moment are no longer non-stick. I need to add a lot of butter or oil now.

  • 17
    barb haley says:

    I need these pans because my current non stick pans are ready for the trash they are chipped and yucky

  • 18
    Mary W says:

    I do not own any non-stick pans. I think I am really missing out! Time to go healthy and try out these green pans and what better way than this.

  • 19
    Susan P. says:

    I need these new pans in my kitchen to replace ones that have gotten scratched over the years. Nothing better than brand new pans to cook with!

  • 20
    Kathleen L says:

    I need these pans so I can cook healthy meals. I can use less oil with the non-stick surface.

  • 21
    Karen H. says:

    I need them because mine are all 40+ year old wavy-bottomed Reverware knock-offs!

  • 22
    Adriana Benitez says:

    These pans look awsome! As a stay at home mom and a family of eight, cooking 2-3 times per day, mine are shot!
    I’m always concerned about the non-stick surface being in our food but can’t afford new cookware now. Would love to try these! 🙂

  • 23
    Verna John says:

    I need these pans..Mine are not good at all. Everything sticks. Lord let me win!

  • 24
    Elizabeth K says:

    I have mismatched hand-me-down pans…I would love these! What a great looking set.

  • 25
    maritza arce says:

    I’d love to win this healthy non-stick pans.

  • 26
    Cynthia says:

    I have wanted to try “green pans” for quite some time! I love the concept and have never liked other non-stick cookware because of the chemicals. It would be great to win these.

  • 27
    Debbie says:

    First,I need new frying pans.Second,I’m curious about how well the pans cook food.Third,they are nice looking pans.

  • 28
    Michael G. says:

    These would be great to win. Our pans are old and scarred.

  • 29
    Tari Lawson says:

    I have never really had good quality pans. Mine are just okay. It is hard to keep food from sticking to them.

  • 30
    Katherine says:

    I just ruined my favorite pan for good so would love to replace it with a new one

  • 31
    Ri says:

    So, I had a bit of an accident the other week. The small piece of metal that keeps the kitchen cabinet shelves fell and brought down my glass and cookware.

    As you can imagine, a few stitches was nothing compared to the destruction of ALL my pyrex and cookware so scratched up, it could no longer in good faith be called non-stick. 🙁

  • 32
    Deci Mackinnon says:

    I usually use cast iron, but have been looking for a lighter pan that is a healthy choice.

  • 33
    Annmarie W. says:

    We could use these because it would be so nice to have non-stick pans that actually have some non-stick surface left to them!

  • 34
    Carole Meyer says:

    My pans basically are screaming LEAVE ME ALONE! LOL, they are way to old and not doing a good job anymore, I do need these pans!

  • 35
    Ashley says:

    I have one pan left in my kitchen that I use for everything. I had a whole set of circulon that were great until one by one the handles broke off and I just haven’t been able to afford decent new pans.

  • 36

    I need one of these pans because I don’t want chemicals coming off in my food.

  • 37
    Ann Lawrance says:

    I too am using old worn out pans. These would definitely make me a more successful cook. I can imagine how much more attractive my egg white omelets would look.

  • 38
    Rose J says:

    I would love to have some new pans. I have a daughter who is a Vegan, and I only have 1 pan dedicated to cook her food when she comes to visit. Be great to have a 2nd pan for her needs and the other 2 for the rest of us.

  • 39
    gene goodman says:

    love this site

  • 40
    Kenny says:

    I need these new pans in my kitchen because most of my cookware is older than me!

  • 41
    Sharon Bugar says:

    I need these pans desperately. Mine are quite old and food sticks to them. I need the pans with the non stick surface so I can cook healthy meals with out it sticking.

  • 42
    Joanne Gregory says:

    I live in my kitchen and my pans are always all used up! Need new ones!

  • 43
    Mary Louise says:

    Need these to give to a friend — her pans are arrrrrrrgh!

  • 44
    Rhonda says:

    I do not have a pan to my name after getting rid of my old worn-out pans and moving in with a relative after job loss. I’m committed to healthy living and eating, and these are the right pans for me to cook with. Thanks!

  • 45
    Amanda R says:

    I need this because my pans are old and gross.

  • 46
    Travis G says:

    We have old and different styles of pots and pans. It looks tacky hanging on the kitchen wall. It would be nice to hang a matching set to display.

  • 47
    Colleen M says:

    I would like to have green pans to cook healthier and have easier clean-up.

  • 48
    Michelle L says:

    I need thee because I love to cook, but would really like some better cookware

  • 49
    jenny says:

    I just moved and don’t have any pans

  • 50
    christopher h says:

    the only nonstick I have is scratched to pieces

  • 51
    paige chandler says:

    I need these because my current pans are from college days….the Stone Age! UGH

  • 52
    ELIZABETH C. says:

    I would like new pans because I’ve had mine for several years. The last time I purchased pans was when I moved into my new home which was in 2003.

  • 53
    Tamar says:

    I’d love some new pans since my older ones are showing their age.

  • 54
    Gwenn A Atkinson says:

    My pans have worn out after 33 years.

  • 55
    Tim Anderson says:

    Love to make eggs and french toast. My current pans are about 20 years old and scratched.

  • 56
    linda lansford says:

    I need these new pans in your kitchen because mine are old

  • 57
    Shauntea Crutcher says:

    I need these pans because I would like to try out a non-stick surface type pan. Have never tried them before.

  • 58
    Mike B says:

    Our pan are now called stick to pans. They are a few years old and everything you put in sticks to the bottom. It doesn’t matter what non stick solution you use. Plus they are not green pans which will be our next upgrade.

  • 59
    Annette says:

    I need new healthy non-stick pans, since I try not to use the other ones that are toxic.

  • 60
    Michelle Rowlee says:

    I’m really poor and always have 4 hungry kids!!! Everything burns and smells funky in our pots!!

  • 61
    Charlotte Winters says:

    We go through pans. We mostly eat at home these days, and new pans would be greatly appreciated.

  • 62
    Lisa says:

    I’m starting to go “green” and healthy in many areas from what I eat to what I clean with to what I cook with. These would be perfect to accomplish this goal.

  • 63
    Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I’d LOVE these pans. My pans are …so old I can;t remember when I bought them. And they are not non-stick, so I have to use a lot of oil to cook eggs.

  • 64
    Merry says:

    Because I’m still cooking with the sad cheap set I bought for my first apartment. I need new pans! Plus new pans call for new recipes, so I’d be inspired to be more creative in the kitchen.

  • 65
    Dawn Brooks says:

    My 13 year old granddaughter loves to cook and she could really use some new pans that are toxic free.

  • 66
    Dorothy Hull says:

    I really need these – my pans are over really, really OLD and worn out!

  • 67
    Sheri says:

    I’ve been married for 30 years and it’s time for an upgrade!!!

  • 68
    tracy davis says:

    I need these pans because I don’t have any right now.

  • 69 says:

    I had never actually heard of green pans before this, like to have pans that match, all of mine are ones I have picked up over the years and none of them cook evenly

  • 70
    Emily R. says:

    I need these because we need new pans, especially one for eggs!

  • 71
    Meta says:

    My non-stick pans are losing their coating, so I could use a new set.

  • 72
    Ron Miller says:

    pans here are ancient

  • 73
    Bob Mills says:

    Really need new pans!

  • 74
    denise p. says:

    I’m always looking for the perfect non-stick pan.

  • 75
    Maria W. says:

    I could use some great pans.

  • 76
    Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I love this fabulous cookware! However, if I win, I’ll be giving the pans to my daughter (who needs to have a well-equipped kitchen)

  • 77
    Christina Gould says:

    I need these pans in my kitchen because I don’t have any decent pans. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • 78
    Melissa Sly says:

    I need new pans in my kitchen because the ones I have are not good anymore. The ones that have black inside then are peeling and the ones that don’t the food just sticks too. Potatoes don’t brown.

  • 79
    Diana says:

    I just moved out of my parents house, and I have a 1 year old, and I only have 1 pot and 1 pan in my kitchen that my mom gave me, I like to cook and want to cook every meal for my son at home

  • 80
    Dawn Johnson says:

    So my husband can use them!

  • 81
    Dawn Johnson says:

    So my better half can use them since,fortunately for both of us, he does all the cooking…

  • 82
    James Kennedy says:

    Most of my non-stick pans are due for replacement. These three are a perfect set for preparing most anything.

  • 83
    diane d says:

    I could really use some new pans

  • 84
    Kay Z says:

    I have always avoided nonstick pans because of the health risks for women so I do not oe any. I would love to be able to cook egg dishes without the dreaded sticking on the pan clrean-up!

  • 85
    Carla S says:

    I need these pans because my frying pans’ handles are rusted and falling off. I love the design of these pans . 🙂

  • 86
    DONNA FOSS says:

    All my pans are very old. It would be nice to upgrade with these.

  • 87
    Carrie S says:

    My current pans just don’t do the job!

  • 88
    LeeAnn says:

    I would like to win these pans because I have not ever had a new set of pan. I have always put my children first…so that means that I have not had the money to buy a new set of pan…so please pick me for your winner…Thank You So Much in advance!

  • 89
    Gator says:

    I’ve never had a new set of nice cooking pans. All mine are hand-me-downs.

  • 90
    Natalie says:

    I just graduated from college and need kitchen supplies, including pans!

  • 91
    Anthony says:

    I need these because my current skillets are old and everything sticks in them

  • 92
    Denise B. says:

    The pan I’m always using is showing it’s age and even got bent in on the side during a move.

  • 93
    Pamela Perry says:


  • 94
    Alexander Kinsley says:

    I need these pans because I am the only one in my household that cooks(and for good reason, no one else can). If i’m gonna cook the best meals, i need the best tools!

  • 95
    Cathy Vaughn says:

    I have one Green Pan and would love to have more. Even my mom can’t ruin these pans and she has ruined every pan we have ever had.

  • 96
    NickyG says:

    Mine were given to be by my in-laws over 25yrs ago, they had them for at least 16 years before me! The handles have been fixed and re-fixed and our children will get more pleasure out of cooking.

  • 97
    Jennifer says:

    I desperately need new pans, I still haven’t upgraded from my college days, 20+ years ago. I think it’s time for me to consider a new set, I’m sure what I have really isn’t doing me any good. Everything sticks and they are all scratched up.

  • 98
    Janell Crumpacker says:

    I live with my son and daughter-in-law and grandchildren. My daughter in law buys and cooks organic foods. These pans would work well for her.

  • 99
    Jan says:

    I would love these pans! Mine are all worn out and everything sticks!

  • 100
    Linda romer says:

    My daughter is moving into a new apartment july 1st, I would love to win these for her. She loves to cook just like her mama and I think these pans would be perfect for a new cook just starting in the kitchen.

  • 101
    Rashel Bertelsen says:

    I’m in desperate need of new pans – especially Green Pans and the non-stick, easy clean-up. I’m a mother of 2 very busy boys! I need clean-up to be quick and easy!

  • 102
    Joel Nickerson says:

    I like the option of having a healthy and safe option for my cooking pans. I have three young children and looking out for their well being is my #1 priority. These pans would help for sure.

  • 103
    Susan Jordan says:

    Need to “Go Green” , Green Machine, Green with envy over these new pans! Need them!

  • 104
    joann langdon says:

    Would and could really use these pans.

  • 105
    Linny says:

    I would love to have a set of the Green Pans because mine are worn out!! Love to cook!

  • 106

    These pans are easy to use, and provide a healthy alternative to other non stick pans. Thanks for such a great product!

  • 107
    Denise K. says:

    I need these pans to replace the old, worn out ones I currently use. Plus I LOVE the color green!

  • 108

    I need those pans to saute all those wonderful veggies I add to beans, rice, and grains.

  • 109
    Cathy says:

    Being a true foodie – I’ve heard a lot about these pans. Mine current pans are over worked and outdated! I could use new ones to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a (new) pan!

  • 110
    Charlotte says:

    My pans are scratched, ugly, and to top it off they hang in my kitchen showing off because I have a small kitchen>> looks alone would be great>>but healthy too!!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win.

  • 111
    Vickie says:

    Great idea. We need to get away from Teflon non stick coatings!

  • 112
    Rose R says:

    I have just gone through my third set of “nonstick” pans. The are great for a while but sooner or later the surface wears out and food sticks again. I would LOVE to have a set of these pans.

  • 113
    Macel Posey says:

    I am 81 years old and cook three meals a day for my husband & myself. I still entertain my family on occasion. I have a 2 QT pot and a stew pot. (green pans) I think this cookware is the best ever made. I purchased those when I was still working. Due to our limited finances can no longer afford such nice pans so limp along with my old worn ones. Would be heavenly to have these.

  • 114
    doreen ilozor says:

    My tween daughters, like their mother, love to cook. These green pans would be so well used in our kitchen.

  • 115
    Anthony Emerson says:

    I cook a lot of my meal in pans and I need a set of new pans bad. I cook for a least 6 or people a day , so my pans need be replaced. I need these pan real Bad.

  • 116
    Macel Posey says:

    I am an 81 YR old woman that cooks three meals a day. I have a 2 QT pot and a stewpot in the green wear I purchased while I was still working. These pans are 15 YRS old and still look brand new. The best cookware ever made. We can no longer afford to indulge ourselves with the best. The pans we have are pretty disgusting even though I have tried to take care of them properly.

  • 117
    Stephanie says:

    I am in desperate need of new pans. I do most of my cooking in pans such as these, and as a result, most are worn out.

  • 118
    Jeremy says:

    because I don’t like doing dishes and my other ones are dirty.

  • 119
    Stephanie says:

    I am in desperate need of new pans. I do most of my cooking in pans like these, and as a result, mine are worn out.

  • 120
    Rose Nishiyama says:

    I need to replace my worn out pans, these pans would fit perfectly

  • 121
    Karen Harberson says:

    I cook three meals a day so using these pans would help cooking and clean up times!

  • 122
    Gerry corlew says:

    I need these. Green pans because my non stick pans all loosing there touch, & stick ;( my food ,not good , tu

  • 123
    Elaine says:

    I would love to have these pans to cook healthier meals as my older pans are just that ;old and worn. I have 4 grandchildren who have moved in with us 2 years ago and we could surely use those nice cooking pans. Thank you!

  • 124
    Beth Ardent says:

    We moved out of state and left everything with our daughter. My husband bought cheap pans and they are all chipping and warping! We could really use a new set!!!

  • 125
    Sara J says:

    I am always trying to be green. My old pans are scary and toxic looking.

  • 126
    Deborah H. says:

    Need new pans my good one are shot .
    I want to cook like I used to.
    Never had a green pan I could have a slick time cooking with them.

  • 127
    Pam says:

    I need these pans because my mother is ill and needs to eat healthier so she can gain some weight. It would be nice to cook something she likes without adding a lot unnecessary fats.

  • 128
    Stephanie says:

    I am in desperate need of new pans. I use pans such as these for most of my cooking, so my are worn out.

  • 129
    Elizabeth Boffo says:

    I have been using and buying nonstick pan since they came out. I am unhappy with the way they have always scratched or started to stick after usage. I need new pans and would be so happy to have some that actually stand up to their claims.

  • 130
    Marie Henderson says:

    In the last 6 months my husband and I have collectively lost more than 55 pounds. We’ve used a combination of clean eating and calorie counting along with some exercise. I’ve cooked more in the last six months than I did in the previous six years. I love trying new recipes and using fresh ingredients, but my cookware is in extremely bad shape which sometimes limits my efforts. I could really used some new pans!

  • 131
    Liz Griffin says:

    I need new pans , mine are worn out.

  • 132
    Tracy Donner says:

    All I have are hand me down pans and I really could use some new ones. These look like they are really awesome pans!!

  • 133
    JOHN N says:

    I could use these pans because my daughters “borrowed” mine a while back and I haven’t seen them since!

  • 134
    ConstanceD says:

    I am trying to lose weight by eatting simply and healthy. These assortment of pans will make it easy to do so, not using fats or oils.

  • 135

    I would love to win the non-stick pans so I won’t have to scrub & spend so much time cleaning up…….thank you for the chance to win..

  • 136
    David Lotz says:

    Pretty soon these will be all that they will be making.

  • 137
    Kathy F. says:

    I have been intrigued by these green pans and would love to have one. I love anything to do with my kitchen!

  • 138
    Megan says:

    I love eggs and I’ve never had an egg pan that allows me to make sunny side up eggs without using excessive amounts of butter or oil to keep them from sticking to the “non-stick” pan. These pans would make my favorite food healthy again!

  • 139
    Michelle Myers says:

    Mine are so worn out. Just haven’t had the time to shop for replacements.

  • 140
    Jeanne says:

    I’ve never owned a new set of matching pans. All mine are hand-me-downs. Would love to have such an awesome set!

  • 141
    juli burroughs says:

    I SO need this Egg & pancake pan! My husband makes eggs every morning and the pans never last! Please pick me!!

  • 142
    katherine tino says:

    I have mismatched, old, ineffective pots and pans. I NEED new pans, desperately!

  • 143
    Barbara Trost says:

    My husband is bedfast and has a little appetite. If I had some good pans maybe I could entice him to eat more. Also it would be fun to use these pans.

  • 144
    katherine tino says:

    I have old, mismatched, ineffective pots and pans. I need a new set, desperately!

  • 145
    Donna Knight says:

    I would love the meat and poultry pan, always wanted to test the difference between the green pans and traditional non-stick.

  • 146
    Sue walker says:

    I have 1 green pan skillet and I love it. My other pans are scratched and old tefal. I am disabled and on a very fixed income and would welcome more green pans in mr kitchen

  • 147
    MamaC says:

    I really need some new pans. Still using the pans I had when I got married 42 years ago!

  • 148
    Laurie Pearson says:

    I would love to win this because this looks great and I REALLY need new pans!! 🙂

  • 149
    Glenda says:

    All my non stick are worn and I have to be on a low fat diet and these pans will be the help I need

  • 150
    Dee S says:

    I cook everyday on old pans that are not doing the job anymore, but I can’t afford new pans. I would LOVE a new set of beautiful, high-performance pans. Thanks for the chance.

  • 151

    I would love to win non-stick pans so I can clean up so much easier, faster &, of course, everything would taste better……..thank you for the chance to win!

  • 152
    Jessica J says:

    I really want to try so many of the receipes that are on this great website but I need some good cookware to accomplish this. My set has definitely seen its day with scratches and worn out.

  • 153

    My pots and pans are over 20 years old. I’ve been wanting to buy some new ones, but just haven’t been able to afford good ones right now.

  • 154
    Candy says:

    I need new pans really bad. All of mine are scratched and need replacing. I love to cook and I want to go green.

  • 155
    Peggy says:

    My pans are really bad, very thing sticks to them. It’s time for some new ones.

  • 156

    Dorothy Tyner6-11-2014 I would be thankful if i could win. mine are worn out.I really be thankful.

  • 157
    Janet says:

    I have been married for 42 years and that is how old my pans are except for a few bought over the years. Could sure use a new set and these look awesome

  • 158

    I need these pans to cook me the best fathers day dinner ever!

  • 159
    sue says:

    i would love to try them, I’ve heard so much about them.

  • 160
    Debbi Wellenstein says:

    I need these new Green pans, because my old pans are about wore out!

  • 161
    Jennie says:

    I decided a few months ago that I no longer wanted shards of Teflon in my family’s food so I purchased a ceramic coated pan. It’s fabulous. Nothing sticks yet food still browns. I am a complete convert and would LOVE to win these great pans.

  • 162
    Zoe says:

    I had to move out on my own and need a set of pans to cook in and would love to win a set of non stick fry pans that are easy clean up because I don’t have a lot of time to do much. I work 14 to 16 hours a day and these would make my life a lot easier.

  • 163
    Candela Rodriguez says:

    My boyfriend and I just got our first apartment together. We’ve been eating takeout because we can’t afford to buy pots and pans yet. This would help us so greatly because we’d finally be able to cook together which is on of our favorite things to do together.

  • 164
    juli burroughs says:

    I need a new pan for my husband! Today is our 26th anniversary and it would be awesome to win!

  • 165
    Debra Petersen says:

    Its my birthday so I would love these pans

  • 166
    Gerald Moton says:

    My pans stick even when I add lubricant.

  • 167
    Ruth Griffeth says:

    I have two sons living at home, and the “think” they know how to cook so I have to replace pans all the time. These I would keep away from them. I only have a small one hidden away right now.

  • 168
    Lisa V. says:

    I need these because my current pans are old and food sticks.

  • 169
    Lynne Powell says:

    My non-stick pans now stick–it is time for new pans. I love the “pans for different foods” feature.

  • 170

    I’d love to have a new set of pans. I am a senior and the preparation of food would be easier and the nutrients and flavors well preserved.

  • 171
    brad says:

    I really need these pans i cook three meals a day for me and my 12yr old son and i only have 1 very small frying pan and a big pan for boiling noodles after i boil noodles it looks like i put a ton of pepper in the noodles from the so called non-stick pan coating flaking off yuck we live about 20 miles from any store and don’t have a car rite now to get any were to even find a new or even a used one thank you

  • 172
    sharon says:

    I would really like to win these pans…I have the small fry pan and use it for just about everything I cook on the stove top and sometimes even in the oven….love the pan

  • 173
    Melody Sharp says:

    I am tired of the old Teflon pans that peel and shed their coating so have to be tossed out. I am trying to cook healthier for my two grandsons I am now raising. had to buy anything new on a limited budget. I know others who have green pans and like them very much.

  • 174
    Steven says:

    No kidding, my mother-in-law who lives with us because she needs to have a Gluten free diet(Celiac Disease) , goes through at least 1 frying pan a month – so it would be great to win these.

  • 175

    I am on a fixed income & the price they charge for the green pans I can not afford. But, I have always wanted to try them.

  • 176
    Carol Burns says:

    I would love to have a new set of pans now that my kids are all grown and out of the house! No more metal spoons in the non-stick pans scratching them all up or warping them by putting cold water in hot skillets! These would be perfect for my husband and I.

  • 177
    Lynda Bates says:

    Boy, do I need these pans! I so want to throw my old battered pans away. A set of new Green Pans will a perfect replacement. Just think of the great In With The New Party I could cook up.

  • 178
    Sarah B says:

    My old non-stick pans are cheap, scratched, and most likely are coated with dangerous chemicals since they are ten+ years old 🙁

    Thanks for the chance to win spiffy new pans that are healthier!

  • 179
    Carrie Conley says:

    I need new pans now….I have been wanting to try the green pans….

  • 180
    MisingEastTexas says:

    Would love to have these. As a better healthier cooking option. This would be a great collection to fill my kitchen needs.

  • 181
    shelia hall says:

    my old pans are worn out so could really use a new one

  • 182
    Ginger Roy says:

    All. my skillets have loose handles and the non-stick surface is badly scratched. I would so love a new skillet to cook with!

  • 183
    Ashley Outland says:

    I would love to win these and give them to my best friend! She just got an apartment and I would love to help her start out with all new pans for her kitchen!

  • 184
    April Hamelink says:

    I have one small green pan, and love it! I need this set because my non-stick pans are all scratched and icky, and I can’t afford to replace them. Please pick me!!

  • 185
    Mary Jo Jordan says:

    I lost everything in my apartment recently & have slowly been trying to replace everything

  • 186
    Misch Brannock says:

    I really need to replace my old pans, they are shot. I would love these…

  • 187
    Jan says:

    Non-stick? No Chems? PURRRRR-fection!

  • 188
    natalie yeoman says:

    i need these pans for my kitchen because all the pans i have right now are worn out they are about 8 years old and have stains and scratches all over them

  • 189
    JAMES LYNAM says:

    Non-stick pans.
    I NEED THEM!!!!!

  • 190
    MelodyJ says:

    I only have one pan right now. I really need a new set.

  • 191
    Robin Crane says:

    I only own one good pan that I use for everything. It would be great to have different options.

  • 192
    Karoline says:

    After cooking for over 50 years, and periodically replacing my pans, I really feel I should have some of these new pans. I have heard a lot about these pans, and would really like trying them for myself!!

  • 193
    Rebecca Czarny says:

    I would love some new pans….with out the teflon coating. The pans I have now are waiting to be sent back for replacement….losing their coating.

  • 194
    Susan Smith says:

    My pots and pans are 23 yrs old some older some given to me by my mom or mother-in-law could use new pans. Please

  • 195
    Patricia says:

    I need these pans because my other pans are getting old and peeling.

  • 196
    rivky says:

    I cook a lot and I need these pans.

  • 197
    Susan S says:

    My pots and pans are 23 yrs old some older they are from my mom and mother-in-law No stick left in these old things. Please would love to try these!

  • 198
    Mary Gilbert says:

    Healthier cooking

  • 199
    Arlene C. says:

    Trying to lose weight and cutting down on fat, this would be great.

  • 200
    Jaci says:

    bought one pan to try Pans is the best, can cook without oil for healthy food. My old ones need to go but can not find in stores

  • 201
    Karen Egge says:

    They are the best pans for everything

  • 202
    ellen schull says:

    I would love a green pan. I have always wanted to buy one. I think it would be more healthy and safe when cooking.

  • 203
    Northa Turner says:

    I need these pans because I just threw out 2 of my skillets and desperately need some new one.

  • 204
    LeAnn A says:

    I need these since mine are 30 years old.

  • 205
    Anita Miller says:

    I need an alternative to nonstick pans that lose their coating.

  • 206

    My pans are so old and I would love to
    use pans that were not ready for a museum.
    THey are lighter weight than the old ones I am using. Mine are not non stick

  • 207
    JUDITH R says:

    My set of pans are about worn out . I could
    really use new ones.

  • 208
    Phyllis Addler says:

    I have one green pan that I use for eggs and hamburgers. It is wonderful, as I do not need any grease or oil. I would love a set to continue to cook more healthy meals.

  • 209
    Dixie Neitzel says:

    I need these pans because mine stick because the coating is off!!

  • 210
    Linda Beus says:

    I’ve always wanted to try these!

  • 211
    Anastasia says:

    I’m not the best cook, so anything that will help the food come out better is something i need 🙂

  • 212
    Stephanie Galbraith says:

    We have a couple really old pans, and are in need of something new and awesome. Looks like these pans meet that need.

  • 213
    katherine tino says:

    My pans are old, mismatched & desperately need to be replaced.

  • 214
    Diane Kroese says:

    I would love these pans to help keep my family healthy!

  • 215
    christina moore says:

    I need a new non-stick pans, i would cook eggs

  • 216
    Carole Huxman says:

    My pans are very worn out, and the non-stick surface sticks! Have diabetes, high everything – working really hard to change to a healthy lifestyle, and these pans would make life so much easier!

  • 217
    Joe De Maio says:

    I love to cook for my family and friends and good cookware is a huge part of it. I dream of what I can prepare in these pans.

  • 218
    Ray Zywot says:

    I love to cook and these are GREAT pans

  • 219
    Debbie Welchert says:

    It’s been so long since I have had new pans and these pans sounds so wonderful. They would be a wonderful addition to my kitchen.

  • 220
    A. Pappy says:

    I am in need of good pans to help with my food not sticking.

  • 221
    maureen gallagher says:

    I love love love these pans ! and I need them !

  • 222
    Fran E. says:

    Green pans are wonderful to cook with and fit nicely on your stovetop

  • 223
    Ana Camacho says:

    I love to cook with green pans ,this set will be a nice addition to my kitchen !

  • 224
    Dalores says:

    My non-stick pans all need to go in the garbage. They aren’t good for anything!

  • 225 says:

    I need new panes because ours are old and scratched up.

  • 226
    crissy brown says:

    all of my pans make the food stick.

  • 227
    Louisa Pouliot says:

    Healthy cooking will be great especially since I am a diabetic and my husband has high cholesterol so using less oil when cooking will be a great change to our diets.

  • 228
    Karen V. says:

    I NEED THESE PANS BAD!!!!! All of my non-stick pans are peeling and becoming “stick” pans.

  • 229
    Helen Anderson says:

    My pans are almost as old as I am. It sure would be nice to have something new in my home.

  • 230
    Laurie says:

    I currently have a small greenpan frying pan and I would love to add to my set.

  • 231
    Deborah Scearce says:

    I need these pans to be able to prepare more Gluten-free recipes. Since I have developed gluten allergies, I have to prepare more of our meals at home.

  • 232
    Sue D says:

    My pans have seen better days.

  • 233
    Holly B says:

    I love eating healthy and need these pans!

  • 234
    Jill Myrick says:

    The last time that we purchased pans for our home was about twelve years ago.
    Those pans are now beginning to peel and stick.

    I would love to be able to replace my old pans with these.


  • 235
    Bob Mills says:

    I need New PANS!

  • 236
    Deborah Deboer says:

    I see these pans all the time and I love to cook, but my budget is tight right now, but I hear wonderful things about them. Need to cook on them,I actually had a dream about them, so please let me try them. Thanks!

  • 237
    Fran E. says:

    Be the envy of your family and friends with ownership of the Green Pans.

  • 238
    Missy says:

    I need these because I love to cook for my family and my pans are awful.

  • 239
    Sheryl says:

    Mother-n-law just ruined ours so perfect timing.So easy to clean don’t mind the job.

  • 240
    ALEX says:


  • 241
    Susan Smith says:

    I need these pans because my current non-stick pans have scratches and are old.

  • 242
    melissa says:

    My husband could not eat without these types of pans! Great

  • 243
    Violet Grillo-Derderian says:

    I am a 76 year old grandmother, I live on a very limited income, and cannot afford to replace my old worn out pots and pans. However, if someone else needs them more, I can make due for anoter few years.

  • 244
    Chrissy Malave says:

    I can not seem to get any non stick pans that are truly non stick!

  • 245
    Deb Christie says:

    I really want to toss the pans I have that have the no stick but toxic coating. These Green Pans would be the perfect replacement.

  • 246
    joe gersch says:

    i need new pansbecause mine are old

  • 247
    rejina williams says:

    I would like to win because all of my pan are starting to get worn out and haven’t been able to get me some more good quality pans. This would could be a nice replacement.

  • 248
    Megan C. says:

    I would love to have these pans. I cant remember the last time I bought pans and they went through teens cooking methods, everything cooked on high heat.

  • 249
    Brian Kautz says:

    It would be nice to have one set that matches

  • 250
    Erica C. says:

    My pans are so old…these would be amazing.

  • 251

    My pans are in desperate need of replacement so I could totally use these.

  • 252
    Kathryn C says:

    I have one frying pan which i never use since its surface is peeling – would like some new pans!

  • 253
    Laurie Brown says:

    I have a small older blue set. Need some larger fry pans. These are the best set I have ever bought. Will not buy any other pots of pans ever again except green pans. Has no toxins in them.

  • 254
    gene goodman says:

    need new ones

  • 255
    DeeAnn S says:

    My current pans have more nooks and crannies that an English muffin! 😀 I really need these!

  • 256
    Marsha Kaufman says:

    These pans look amazing! The non-stick ceramic surface is a much healthier alternative to teflon, and the 3D surface –what a great idea for proper cooking of different foods! I’m still cooking with my scratched 30-yr-old pans, but I’ve been saving up for new ones. Unfortunately, other expenses keep getting in the way. I could really use these!

  • 257


  • 258
    Jennie says:

    I don’t want to serve my family’s food with bits of Teflon in it anymore. These pans would be absolutely wonderful to have. I would use them every day.

  • 259
    Francine Anchondo says:

    I really need some new pans.

  • 260
    Ellise Steglinski says:

    When you have done so much cooking for a family for such a long time, non-stick pans will wear no matter what the brand. I have used very expensive to moderately priced pans and all are very worn.

  • 261
    Belinda Shaw says:

    My pans have a burnt bottom and loose handle.

  • 262
    Karen D says:

    I’ve never really had a ‘set’ of pans, and I have read so many great reviews of these green pans. Love the fact that they are ceramic for the non-stick, as I don’t trust most non-stick coatings!

  • 263
    Barbara Woyak says:

    New pans would be fantastic. I’ve read about these and would love to try them. My current nonstick pans should have been tossed a while ago.

  • 264
    Karen Drake says:

    I really need these new pand because the ones I have are worn out and old.

  • 265
    Vanessa says:

    I have 3 frying pans, one my husband dropped on the floor, now no handle. The largest one the bottem is buckled from to high of heat used by my husband when do stir fry. All my pans are non-stick but I now have to use cooking spray as my (you guessed it) husband has scratched them reallll bad. Healthy pans would be super and I promise to keep the Mr. away from them! 😉

  • 266
    H.E. DeLuna says:

    I need these pans because I have two hand me down pans from my college days and they desperately need to be retired.

  • 267
    Nicole Millheim says:

    It has been awhile since I had a new pan. This one looks fantastic!! I can make eggs and not have them stick to the pan

  • 268
    e michelle says:

    i have two of these pans would love a deeper one!!!!

  • 269
    Fran E. says:

    Ease of cooking and cleaning make these the perfect set.

  • 270
    Dawn S. says:

    These new pans would be such an amazing gift – my husband and I are trying to learn how to cook better, and having the appropriate pans would help us so much!

  • 271
    Mike Schultz says:

    Our current pan set is worn out, so having several new pans would be great!

  • 272
    Liza E says:

    I need new pans

  • 273
    mariem says:

    my cookware is 20 years old- id love an upgrade!

  • 274
    Jessica Ruggiero says:

    I could really use these. The pans in my kitchen are in sad shape! There are only 2 left and Ive had them for a very long time. They have definitely seen better days and really need to be replaced!

  • 275
    Lorena Keech says:

    We are using the pans I received as a shower gift almost 40 years ago…so we can really use these.

  • 276
    Sky Evans says:

    I need pans since my are old.

  • 277
    shawna says:

    My pans are so rusted and scratched!

  • 278
    shirley hicks says:

    I need these cause my old pans have been in use nearly 30 yrs

  • 279
    Heather Giovannitti says:

    We love cooking in our house and I refuse to use any kind of T-Fal type pan because of the negative effects they could have. I use stainless steel right now, but I would really like to try the new green pans that are non-stick because they are really good for things like scrambles eggs and such. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • 280
    PJ says:

    My pans are worn out. It’s so hard to cook eggs in my pans.

  • 281
    Lorina Padgett says:

    I need to upgrade. I am still using a saucepan my mom gave after i got married 33 years ago.

  • 282
    MARIA simon says:

    well the good pans we had I burned…bad… I had too much going on and didn’t realize the fire was on had to throw out.. would we used a lot without burning I promise and would be so appreciated thanks a lot maria!!

  • 283
    d hughes says:

    could really use some new pans

  • 284
    Isabella Taul says:

    I would love to win this! Not only are all of our pans done for, but we can never afford a really good one so we just keep replacing them with cheap ones.

  • 285
    Veronica Garrett says:

    I need this great pans to make delicious meals. My pans are old and worn.

  • 286
    Mihaela Day says:

    I need these pans because my current pans are hand-me-downs

  • 287
    Jessica says:

    I need these pans because my favorite pan’s handle recently just came off! 🙁

  • 288
    Connie Tucker says:

    I’ve only ever cooked with cast iron, but the older I get the more difficult those heavy pans are to handle. I could really use some lighter pans to cook with. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • 289
    Paula says:

    I would love to win these cause my non-stick pans stick.

  • 290
    Rebecca Czarny says:

    I would love to try these pans. My pans are tired and ready for retirement.

  • 291
    JOHN N says:

    I could use them as my daughters “borrowed” mine anmd I’m left with my camping pots and pans!

  • 292
    Nancy Cordiano says:

    I was about to enter because I love the Green Pans I have. But then thought that although I would like these … because I don’t have those … I figured someone else could use them too. Though I guess I entered anyway. lol

  • 293
    Janea C. says:

    My pans are quite old and scratched up. It is time for some new ones.

  • 294
    Melanie Montgomery says:

    I’ve had the same pans for years, it’s time for some new ones.

  • 295
    Abel R says:

    I like to cook. I need these to cook.

  • 296
    Terry Bellender says:

    Oh man…you DON’T know how seriously I need these! The teflon on my pans,which by the way are a mix of brands lol, have completely worn off and nasty looking!

  • 297
    Michael Soto says:

    I would love to use these to cook my wife a in bed breakfast. She is a great mother of our 5 kids and i would like to reward her with new pots and a breakfast in bed.

  • 298
    Ed says:

    I am in dire need of some new cookware!

  • 299
    katie k says:

    I only have one teeny non-stick pan so this set would be great! I’d probably share one w/ a friend to help him stock his kitchen after his divorce.

  • 300
    Vicki D. says:

    I need these pans because mine are old. The finish is coming off because someone(my hubby) has burned food in them.

  • 301
    Fran E. says:

    This would be like winning the kitchen lottery!

  • 302
    schmidty says:

    New non stick pans would be so nice, especially for omelets. Mine are rough.

  • 303
    christina says:

    I need it because I will be moving into my own place and would not have anything when I first move out. So this would be so awesome to win. I need this!!

  • 304
    Angela Ash says:

    I have a mix of different pans in my kitchen. Majority were from previous sets but there are a few odd balls in there. I like the idea of having a complete set of the 3D surfaced Green Pans for textured foods and health.

  • 305
    MARIA simon says:

    I cook so many meals for family, kids and school that I would love a new set ..I need a new set ..mine is so old and getting really bad thanks a lot 🙂

  • 306
    Julie Hawkins says:

    I need these new pans because mine are really ld

  • 307
    Brian E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway… our non-stick pan needs to be replaced; would love to try a new ceramic non-stick version !

  • 308
    kat says:

    We need these pans because our old ones are scratched up and damaged and we need to get some new ones soon.

  • 309
    Sarah L says:

    Most of my pans are 20 years old and bad for me. I’d love these pans.
    Thanks for the contest.

  • 310
    Tim Moss says:

    My wife needs all kinds of new kitchenware.

  • 311
    Lily Kwan says:

    because my old pans don’t work very well

  • 312
    Dorothy Hull says:

    My pans are so old and worn out, I could really, really use some new ones. I love to cook and it’s sometimes frustrating when one doesn’t have good pans. Thanks.

  • 313
    Jane Cresson says:

    I need/want these pans because my present ones are a disgrace-look like a dog was digging for scraps!!!!

  • 314
    sandra perez says:


  • 315
    Cembi says:

    I have so many odd pots and pans; some stick and others peel. I have limited space in my cupboard…please help!!

  • 316
    Fran E. says:

    Replace your old pans and gain a fresh start.

  • 317
    marjan perry says:

    I am a recycling, organic food-eating, eco- queen. This pan would fit in nicely with my kitchen theme:)

  • 318
    Connie T. says:

    I’ve only ever used cast iron, but as I’m getting older it’s getting too heavy for me. I really need some lighter pans.

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