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Toasted Cumin Southwest Salad Dressing

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Why settle for prepared dressings in a bottle, when it is so easy to make your own fresh salad dressings in minutes!  This recipe is one of my favorites.  The special twist?  Toasted cumin seeds…

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To toast cumin seeds, place seeds in small dry skillet over medium heat and shake the skillet back and forth until seeds are toasted and fragrant.  Watch carefully as they can burn quickly.  Remove from pan and place on a work surface and crush coarsely with a rolling pin, or use a mortar and pestle.  Toasting the seeds brings out the smoky aroma of the cumin and really makes this salad dressing pop!

This will serve a salad for four or six, but recipe can be easily doubled or tripled.  I find it pairs well with Southwest or Mexican-inspired salads or drizzled over avocados. Store the dressing in the refrigerator, but bring to room temperature and whisk again before serving.

“Toasted Cumin Southwest Salad Dressing”  

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