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Automatic Canning System Giveaway

482 Comments | Written on May 19, 2014 at 5:00 am , by

This giveaway is now closed.  

Congratulations to our winner, comment #77 Carolyn!

Please email right away to claim your prize.  Winners have 3 days to respond before an alternate winner is selected.  

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Take the guesswork out of canning with this innovative automatic canner. Featuring SmartPRESERVE™ technology, the auto canner precisely controls the exact time and temperature required to safely preserve most canning recipes without any additional input from the user.

Ball’s most popular canning recipes come pre-programmed for perfect results every time. To use, simply place filled jars into the auto canner, press the corresponding recipe number and wait—the auto canner signals when the jars are perfectly preserved and shelf stable. Uses up to 85% less water than traditional water-bath canning and preserves recipes up to 30% faster.

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Keep reading to learn how to win!

Here is what you can win this week:

Ball FreshTECH Automatic Home Canning System


No stovetop required—operates with any grounded wall outlet (designed to North American specifications)

Easy-to-read LED display panel and touchpad for recipe selection

Temperature, altitude and time sensors ensure perfect preservation every time

Seven built-in safety features encourage correct operation and help prevent mistakes

Preheats jars for faster canning

Hinged, locking lid for safe, easy access

Jar rack keeps jars from coming into contact with the bottom of the pot

Included jar lifter makes placing and removing jars a snap

Comes with 26 popular jam, jelly, fruit, pickle, tomato, sauce and salsa recipes, with more available online

Here’s how you can enter to win:

Leave a comment below telling us why you want to start canning this summer!

One lucky winner will be randomly selected in one week from today. Be sure to come back to see if YOU are the winner!  Winners will have 3 days to respond before an alternate winner is selected.  Official Rules

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482 Responses to “Automatic Canning System Giveaway”

  • 1
    Jeffrey says:

    I want to start canning this summer because we’ve increased the size of our garden and don’t want food to go to waste.

  • 2
    Shirley Crenshaw says:

    I have a huge fig tree in my back yard and I want to can every fig I can. What wonderful gifts for friends and family – a jar of fig preserves!!

  • 3
    Kirsten says:

    I grew up watching my mom can fruits and vegetables. Lately I have felt the urge to learn how. This would be fantastic.

  • 4
    Kelli says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted to can, but I’ve felt intimidated. This Automatic Canning System looks so cool. I would make pickles, jams, chutney you name it. So fun!!

  • 5
    Mary Louise says:

    What a wonderful and practical prize!

  • 6
    Sue Stanton says:

    I live California where we have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. We want to eat healthier. This machine would be such a gift!

  • 7
    patrice says:

    Wow – that is every canner’s dream! I can as many of our summer bounties as possible … to enjoy during our long winters. There is nothing on earth like a Rhubarb Fool when it’s -30º 🙂

  • 8
    Diane says:

    This is so awesome. I may have to plant a bigger garden! Love It!

  • 9
    Theresa Pete says:

    My Mom always has a huge garden that my Dad always threatens to shrink, so each year I place special requests for vegtables for her to grow for me. This would just help us keep are cause alive. Yeah, happy canning!

  • 10
    Noelle Myers says:

    I want to start canning this summer because I want to eliminate more pre packaged food and get more use out of my garden and the farmers markets

  • 11
    Dianna says:

    I LOVE to can! This machine looks SO cool! What an easy way to can. I want to start canning! Pickles, green beans, salsa, jellies & jams. Sadly, I didn’t think that I would be able to can this year. But with this machine, I will be able to! I’m excited about this one!!!

  • 12
    Lisa keys says:

    Have a huge mulberry tree that is calling me to make jam

  • 13
    Barbara Hahn says:

    After many years of canning, I stopped a few years ago. Now I’m back with a huge garden and salsa is on my mind. Love the new technology of this machine.

  • 14
    jennifer coduto says:

    We have a large garden and berry bushes, and I frequent farmers markets all summer and fall for items that I don’t grow. I would LOVE to can, but haven’t been able to because I have an electric stove 🙁

  • 15
    Kim says:

    I would love to jar homemade pickles to enjoy when the summer ends.

  • 16
    shirleyd says:

    Looks like a great (easy) way to can. Would love to try it with veggies from our garden and the farmer’s market – fruit, too!

  • 17
    Dawn Onuffer says:

    So cool! We just moved out of a subdivision to a place with some land and now I want to grow stuff! Of course I will can stuff after it grows.

  • 18
    Elizabeth K says:

    I want to start canning because I’m planting a big garden!

  • 19
    Karen Ard says:

    I’m trying to show my kids a more sustainable way if eating and living and we have started making some of own jams. This would be so great and helpful! Thanks for the opportunity for this awesome product.

  • 20
    tina page says:

    i started gardening and canning 2 years ago but this gadget looks like it would make things a lot simpler! looking fwd to the time of year when there are “too many tomatoes!”

  • 21
    Kitty Shannon says:

    My garden is bursting! I can already and whenever friends come by, they leave with a jar or two of something. This machine would make it so convenient!

  • 22
    Elizabeth Drake says:

    My mom cans every summer and this year she said she would teach me how to make her fantastic strawberry jam!

  • 23
    Tracy Pryor says:

    I want to start canning this summer because food is so expensive at the grocery store. I would love to have a stock pile before the fall.

  • 24
    Pam Correll says:

    I want to start canning this summer because I will have pears for the very first time!

  • 25
    Holly says:

    I’d love to try this canning device– strawberry and rhubarb jam is first on my list!

  • 26
    Keith L says:

    I have a backyard full of trees and garden. Would love to have a more efficient way of preserving.

  • 27
    maura mclaughlin says:

    can’t wait to plant on Saturday, and this sure would come in handy in a month or so!!

  • 28
    Karen H. says:

    I have become more and more aware of what I eat due to breast cancer and resulting liver complications from chemo. I’m gathering organic, locally grown, earth-friendly produce and would like a way to preserve it throughout the winter. The canner would be beyond help!

  • 29
    Laura b. says:

    Canning is a total pain but this looks like it would make it easier. I just froze my last batch of cranberry apple butter because I didn’t want to deal with the canning.

  • 30
    Chrystal D says:

    Times are tough for me & this would help me save some money!

  • 31
    Karen Wood says:

    I want to restart canning and I no longer have my old equipment. That thing is SO COOL. I had no idea it existed. Can’t complain about canning made easier. Anyway I renovated and expanded my garden this year and will be putting up food however I can. I would rather I have all my own home grown than anything else, but I can get farmer market produce also.

  • 32
    Margaret Smith says:

    I’d really like to start canning tomatoes and other veggies.

  • 33
    Sarah says:

    I make red pepper jelly every year at the holidays, but have never had the guts to go beyond. With this, the possibilities are endless using fresh produce from my favorite farmers market! Can do canning!

  • 34
    Holly S. says:

    We started a big garden this year, so we’ll have lots of veggies to can. Thanks!

  • 35
    Sandy says:

    We have been canning our tomatoes every year and I have been wanting to try making jam. This would really make it easier to try canning more things.

  • 36
    Sonia says:

    This will be great for canning all the extra veggies from my garden!

  • 37
    Sheri says:

    I want to start canning more because I love having the fresh taste of fruits and vegetables all year long.

  • 38
    Vicki Goldsberry says:

    I want to start canning — again — this summer! I’ve made wonderful jams before (Vanilla Wild Plum was my favorite) and people clamored for my Radish Relish. But this system is really spiffy and would be great! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • 39
    Natalie says:

    I want to start canning because homemade jams and jellies taste so much better than storebought varieties.

  • 40
    Theron Willis says:

    Dixieland style chow chow would be my first canning project, if I won.

  • 41
    Jaque R. says:

    My grandmother canned everything and grew most of her fruits and veggies…I have always wanted to start doing that myself. A healthy and fullfilling way to feed my family. 🙂 Thank you.

  • 42
    jamie j says:

    I would like to make my own jam.

  • 43
    Paula says:

    I want to start canning because my fruit trees should start bearing fruit this year.

  • 44
    Jacob LaFountaine says:

    I load up on pickles during the summer season and have never made my own

  • 45
    Lois Bowman says:

    im a vegetarian and would like to can fresh fruit and veggies
    from the farmers market

  • 46
    Carolyn M. says:

    We want to start canning because we have had to tighten our belts and this will save on our food costs.

  • 47
    Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Canning is sort of the next step in our journey to healthier eating.

  • 48
    ellen schull says:

    I want healthy vegetables to eat and I would like the experience of doing it myself.

  • 49
    Steve says:

    I have 2 huge pear and fig trees just begging to be made into preserves.

  • 50
    Alison James says:

    We support 2 csa’s one for veggies and one for fruits. Problem is is sometimes we get bumper crops off too much or too much of the same thing and I have my hands full and having an automatic canner would save my family big bucks and know I am canning safely, which has always prevented me from doing so in the past!

  • 51
    Alison James says:

    I have always wanted to can but was afraid to. With an automatic it would be fear free! We support 2 CSA’s and we get loads of food fruit and veggies and this would be awesome to use

  • 52

    I just put in my veggie garden for the summer, and can’t wait to see what I have enough of to can!

  • 53
    Jami Miracle says:

    I want to continue canning this summer because there is something so wonderful about using the summer fruits and veggies to make winters treats!!

  • 54
    Shirley Y says:

    We have 2 big gardens this summer and with the cost of food, canning will definitely help my budget

  • 55
    Val says:

    I want to bond with my daughter while canning!

  • 56
    ELIZABETH C. says:

    My sister introduced me to canning and she loves it. I would love to start because she talks about how much she enjoys it.

  • 57
    Crystal Schlueter says:

    I’d love to can raspberries and blueberries like my grandmother used to! They were great on pancakes, oatmeal, and ice cream.

  • 58
    Jessica says:

    I want to can my own jelly and pickels ,yum

  • 59
    Susan Chester says:

    I would like to start canning because my mom cans and I love her pickles and jams!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  • 60
    ALEX says:


  • 61
    SHERYL says:


  • 62
    B J says:

    Last year was my first time gardening and
    trying to preserve my efforts…not so good.
    Hope this year will be much better. This
    would sure help.

  • 63
    Tim Anderson says:

    We have a nice garden and would like to save some for later. It would also be grea for making pickles.

  • 64
    donald light says:

    We may have planted way to many tomatoes this summer (if we don’t kill them all!) My wife and I have always wanted to start canning but it always looked so complicated. Eventually we’ll work up the courage to do it whether we win or not haha!

  • 65
    Pamela Shank says:

    I love all of the fresh garden veggies & fruits available during the summer. My mother always canned a lot. I have not done it for many years because of fear of contaminated food,this system looks like it would take that fear away.

  • 66
    Roberta says:

    I’ want to start canning safe and steam-free. I can every year and my pots are now rough inside with age and the steam always hits the ceiling. It’d be fun and helpful to win a prize like this!

  • 67
    heather c says:

    The zombies. They’re coming!

  • 68
    Michelle Wiederhold says:

    I would love this canning system because my grandma used to make all her own preserves and she handed down all her handwritten recipes to me and I would love to carry on her tradition.

  • 69
    Dawn G says:

    I’d like to start living a more self-sufficient lifestyle, and the biggest part of that is being able to provide more of my own food, year round, not just during the summer garden season.

  • 70
    Michelle L. says:

    I want to start canning so that we can still enjoy our summer garden vegetables in the fall and winter.

  • 71
    theresa jenkins says:

    mom is 85 and her memory is slipping away…I’ve always helped can but never on my own and Mom still has ALL the recipes!!!!

  • 72
    Colleen Boudreau says:

    I want to know what’s in my food and replace processed foods.

  • 73
    James Kennedy says:

    I want to can because it is the right thing to do with prices so high and dangerous additives in store bought products. It would be carefree and easy with this convenient appliance.

  • 74
    Michael G. says:

    We love canning tomatoes, peppers, and making pickles.

  • 75
    Rebecca B says:

    I want to start canning this summer because my family is trying to incorporate more organic foods into our diet and canning home-grown veggies is cheaper than buying them at the store

  • 76
    Sara B. says:

    I want to start canning this fall because I’ll have time to buy lots of fresh fruit and veg.

  • 77
    Carolyn says:

    I work in SC for Extension in a very agriculture based community. Many locals can their fruits and veggies. I’ve never canned so this would be the perfect opportunity for me to learn to can and perhaps educate the growers on this more modern method of canning.

  • 78
    carol n says:

    I want to can salsa, I have my tomato plants all planted.

  • 79
    Kay Z says:

    I want to start canning this year to deal with the abundance of figs that usually go to the birds. I also want to make my own tomato juice. My mother made the most delicious tomato juice & I want to try to replicate it!

  • 80
    janell says:

    I would love to start canning so I can have healthy emergency food supplies on hand. I grew up with mom and grandma canning, but I never learned because i was afraid of the success of the sterilization process & didn’t want anyone to get sick. This product would make me feel so much better about the whole process!

  • 81

    I prefer my own homegrown organic produce, and I think canning is fun!

  • 82
    Suzanne K says:

    I’d love to win this to preserve the bounty from my garden… blackberries, apples, apricots, plums, green beans, cucumbers, tomatoes…!

  • 83
    denise says:

    I want to make my own marinara sauce, and can beans and corn

  • 84
    Mimi at Mimi Avocado says:

    I used to can and make jams…this would get me started again!

  • 85
    Lendee says:

    I would love to start canning. I have been doing my best to buy locally and this is a great way to have local food year round and to share with friends! Love it!

  • 86
    nickie says:

    I’d like to start canning strawberry Jam.

  • 87
    Kenny says:

    I want to start canning because between my cucumbers and tomatoes I’ll have plenty of raw material for canning!

  • 88
    Charles Burbridge says:

    I want my wife to start canning because it will save money in the long run.

  • 89
    Kelly D says:

    I want to start canning because we have a big garden and I would love to can some of what we can’t eat so we can enjoy it in the winter months.

  • 90
    John Hutchens says:

    I want to start canning to preserve the tastes of summer to enjoy for the long winter season

  • 91
    Holly C. says:

    I plant a large veggie garden and do can, but this would be awesome when I just want to can 4 pints of salsa or anything else! thanks for the chance!

  • 92
    Barbara Fox says:

    I have just received about 100 canning jars — now all I need is something to cook them up with!!

  • 93
    Anna says:

    I’d like to learn to make pickles so I can give them as Christmas gifts.

  • 94
    NancyB from Many LA says:

    I’d love to can meat!

  • 95
    richelle bowers says:

    I want to make my own jams

  • 96

    I would love to make some jams!

  • 97
    Michelle Weaver says:

    I want to start canning because I watched my mom do it my whole life and am now used to canned vegetables and jams and would love the same for my kids!

  • 98
    Tarah says:

    I’d love to be able to capture the fresh, in season flavor of all the berries during the summer. So I can pull it back out in the middle of a snowy winter!

  • 99

    My mother did a lot of canning and preserving and I would love to try it myself.

  • 100
    Faith I. says:

    I want to can so I use all the items I receive from our CSA.

  • 101 says:

    Jams and salsas would be fun!

  • 102
    jen h says:

    I am so ready for fresh jam – cranberry pear sound perfect!

  • 103
    Annette says:

    I want to start canning so I can have summer produce even in the colder months.

  • 104
    Sue D says:

    I have a garden and this would definitely be useful.

  • 105
    Sara Sullivan says:

    I started canning last summer and it is HARD! I would love to be confident to try new recipes with the auto canner. We work so hard all summer in the garden – it would be great to take some of the guesswork out of the process!

  • 106
    Val says:

    My adult daughter has shown an interest in canning. We will do it together!

  • 107
    Serena Powell says:

    I want to make and can my own pasta sauce. I recently got a pasta maker and would love to have fresh pasta sauce to go with it.

  • 108
    Christine Yvonne Groce says:

    I want to start canning this summer to make our garden harvest last longer and be more enjoyable.

  • 109

    I want to win this canner because we are expanding our garden this year and will have a lot more food than we can eat.

  • 110
    Ron Miller says:

    waste not, want not

  • 111
    Renee says:

    I’d make and preserve large quantities of my homemade mustards and give as holiday gifts.

  • 112
    jeanne lynn says:

    I want to start canning to have healthy foods for my family and to save money.

  • 113

    I want to start canning because I love serving fruits and veggies that I have canned myself and that I know what ingredients are in them because I made them.

  • 114
    Sue Ellison says:

    I want to start canning so I can have fruits and veggies all year long.

  • 115
    tracy davis says:

    I want to start canning this summer because we have a lot of berries in the yard.

  • 116
    JAMES LYNAM says:

    Just retired. So this would be a nice hobby
    and allow be to can my own veggies & fruit.

  • 117
    Tasha Wilkerson says:

    I want to start canning, because as a little girl I would watch my dad do it and try to help. Now I have little girls of my own and would love to instill some of those same memories!

  • 118

    We’re going to can pickles and raspberry jam. I can’t wait!

  • 119
    GWEN BURNS says:


  • 120 says:

    I am planning on growing a bumper crop of Heirloom tomatoes this summer and want to can my own spaghetti sause

  • 121
    robyn paris says:

    i would like to win this to start canning tomatoes this year. I love canned tomatoes

  • 122
    Amy H. says:

    Both my husband and I grew up in canning households, but have never started in our own home. We now have a garden and want to be more self-sufficient in our food supplies.

  • 123
    Carrie Conley says:

    So we can have garden fresh vegetables in the winter…

  • 124
    Denise B. says:

    With the price of food constantly going up, I believe this will help me cut costs by canning my own fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • 125
    Nicole Flynn says:

    To know where my food came from, if I canned it myself, I won’t have any questions or worries. Plus it’ll help save money too.

  • 126
    Lynne Powell says:

    I haven’t canned in many years. What a great way to begin again–with good equipment that removes the worry of contamination.

  • 127

    ”wow” what a good gift

  • 128
    Suzie D. says:

    I currently can and would love to be able to modernize/expedite the process! Best give-a-way ever!

  • 129
    Jeff Farmer says:

    Looking to save money and maybe even make some too doing the canning!

  • 130
    Susan Knoblock says:

    Pickles. Would love to win any thing that makes life a little easier.

  • 131

    Will be canning this summer because, can we trust the canning processes that are being sent out of country and shipped back to us without USDA approval.

  • 132
    Bev Brady says:

    Canning seems to be a lost art. I want to leave this legacy with my children and grandchildren. Given this state of the art canning unit I would love to share and pass down generations of recipes

  • 133 says:

    I’ve wanted to can for a long time but am afraid if I do something wrong I’ll make my family sick. The Ball automatic canner seems a perfect choice to start canning.

  • 134
    Karen says:

    I’d love to start canning. I would finally know exactly what I’m eating, and save money at the same time!

  • 135
    Lisa Scott says:

    I would LOVE to win this canning system. I have ALWAYS wanted to try canning but am afraid of the pressure cooker! This looks so much safer than the one my grandmother uses!
    Thanks for the chance to WIN!!

  • 136
    brandan says:

    OMG. This makes everything so much easier. I’ve been canning for awhile now and it can become time consuming and this would just make everything so much easier! I’ve just moved to a new home and my garden is planted and ready to go!! Bring on the canning.

  • 137
    Toni Scott says:

    Last year was my very first garden and I did can some salsa, sauces & pickles. I do really enjoy it and have to say I did pretty good! I am very busy with my three kids and would love the chance to use this great system for faster and easier canning.

  • 138
    Connie Blevins-Bailey says:

    I would love to have this automatic canning system. I try to keep up with all new technological items and this would be a great addition when canning. This looks so simple and easy and would make things easier for any working woman that comes home to can.

  • 139
    John Edmonds says:

    We are trying to save every penny possible to purchase a new farm for our equine rescue program. Canning is an obvious choice for healthy nutrition for the family. I want to learn how do make this a family tradition and now is the right time to start!

  • 140
    Nancy Bueno says:

    I finally have a plot in our community garden. I’ll be able to grow my own food. I’m looking forward to being able to can my own food once again.

  • 141
    Lavonne Mullins says:

    We planted a large garden this year and would love to preserve enough fruits and veggies to make it through the winter.

  • 142
    rose says:

    I have always canned vegetables and made soups. but this product takes the guess work out of canning. It is a wonderful product. May have to get one extra for my daughter.

  • 143

    I want to provide healthier choices for my family and have the satisfaction of doing it myself.

  • 144
    sue v says:

    i’ve always wanted to can and have been too scared to try.. this would make it super easy and straight forward

  • 145
    Bonita Anderson says:

    Like many of the others, I used to can with my mom…. I’d like to try it myself. One of my favorites was to can pears with a bit of cinnamon stick to make cinnamon pears.

  • 146
    Fran E. says:

    WOW! This is definitely not your Grandma’s canning tools.

  • 147
    tmyree says:

    My extended family gets together every year, including aunts, cousins, etc. We can over 300 jars of homemade salsa. This would make the process so much easier.

  • 148
    SKDB says:

    My old blue canning pan is worn out and this would help me a lot.

  • 149
    Bobbie Marcus says:

    I want to begin canning so that I have more control over my food sources and additives.

  • 150
    Ethel says:

    I do a little canning, but this looks like it would work so much better. I could then but all my vegteables down and save them for winter.

  • 151

    With the way the economy is going it just makes sense to save money by growing & canning your own food.

  • 152
    Julie says:

    I love to can and food is so expensive. Canning helps cut down on the cost of food when we are down to only one income. And, there is nothing like the taste of something you have preserved at home.

  • 153
    Joe says:

    This will help me so much at the end of the growing season, as I have a good size garden

  • 154
    christy says:

    I have always wanted to do my own home canning but was leary of the old pressure type cookers. This new cooker sounds so easy even a beginner like me could use and feel safe using it.

  • 155
    Claudia Stevens says:

    I grew up eating only home canned foods. Now i would like to create the foods i remember along with some new ones.

  • 156
    Gilda says:

    I want to start canning this summer because I want to start eating healthier and making my own jams and soups. I’m getting married in October and I’m hoping to start our new life in a healthy way. My fiancé is a chef and we could make so many healthy things to can if we had this system.

  • 157
    Nancy Tracy says:

    I want to get back to basics…..fresh garden veggies, homemade pickles and sauces…this would make it so much easer to preserve the goodness.

  • 158
    mablelene says:

    Since retired i enjoy my time and making things from scatch because of the healthiness of canning and the freshness and begin a diabetic will help me live a healthy life… it!

  • 159
    Kathy says:

    This system would avoid over cooking and be safer than the canner I am using now. I love to can and it would be great to win this prize.

  • 160
    LaDonna Hopkins says:

    I am 72 yrs young and want to can Greenbeans and other vegetables and fruit(i.e. Blueberries) for this winter.

  • 161
    rosemary says:

    Always watched and learned from my mom on how to save money with home canning. As well as enjoy the benefits of canning through the winter months. Money was tight and still is so canning is a great way to conserve. This canner sure would make my life a lot easier and fail proof. I just hate it when my jars don’t sealed.

  • 162
    janice sohl says:

    I want to make jelly.

  • 163
    JudyW says:

    I’d really like to preserve the bumper crop of tomatoes we get from the garden every year.

  • 164
    Pam says:

    I grew up helping Mom can but have been afraid to do so myself. The whole exploding thing scared me away. This canning system looks so easy and something I believe I could work. Mom doesn’t can any more but my step-mother does and get lots of fruits and veggies from her. So I hope I win…bring it on!

  • 165
    Joel Nickerson says:

    This would be perfect to start learning the canning trade that my Mother has been doing my whole life. I would put this to great use!

  • 166
    fran says:

    I would love to be able to taste my fresh garden vegetables year round.

  • 167
    Kathy Sharp says:

    I am eating better and want to teach my daughters to eat better as well. They will be more open to the idea if it is easier for them to can their food.

  • 168
    Judy Metteer says:

    I have attempted to can some vegetables with a pressure canner on the stove but have not ad any luck. Also the pressure canner scared me after a friend’s canner exploded and injured her.

  • 169

    I am 71 and would love this because I could do canning again. I can’t life the big pans anymore but this would help me.

  • 170
    jim ward says:

    just planted my first garden and can’t wait to start the harvest. hoping to can as much as i can.

  • 171

    I love to can, but I’m getting older and have trouble lifting my heavy canner with all that water. If this new canner is lighter it would make it much easier to work with.

  • 172
    deb says:

    This looks like an awesome machine. I would love to have one to streamline the canning process.

  • 173
    Anne says:

    I want to get started canning this summer because it will allow me to serve my family fabulous homemade foods using seasonal produce, even when the produce is out of season!

  • 174
    Mikel says:

    I love homemade preserves, I would love to be able to make my own.

  • 175
    Calvina Mason says:

    I would like to win, as a person who has MS. My brother started a garden for me to eat more healthy and this would help make putting all my fruits and veggies away very easy and also help me conserve my energy as fatigue is a very real problem with my MS.

    Thank you and God Bless,

    Calvina Mason

  • 176
    Rhonda Johnson says:

    Oh, how I would love this! My husband has the gardens in and would be great to enjoy all the home grown in the winter.

  • 177
    Patricia Eckton says:

    I want to eat healthier. By canning the organic produce from our local Farmer’s Market. My family and I can have healthy meals all year long.

  • 178
    Sharla Beringer says:

    I am a 4th generation farmer/rancher. This would make my canning time wonderful!

  • 179
    Susan Jordan says:

    Home canned jellies, jams, and veggies are Soooo Much better than store bought!

  • 180
    Lisa says:

    I want to can all the wonderful veggies I am growing in my garden.

  • 181
    Donna says:

    Many life changes. I bought my first home 2 years ago. I turned 50 last year. And this year I am changing how I eat – yes to lose weight, but also just to feel healthy. I live in an area with lots of farmers markets and a yard where I could start my own garden. The ability to use my own crops to create special gifts for family and friends would be wonderful.

  • 182
    KathleenC says:

    I want to can this summer to preserve the bounty from our garden. This technology would make the job very easy!

  • 183
    sheryl says:

    Ive never canned before and it seems very intimidating, I want one so I can learn

  • 184
    Lynda Holper says:

    I used to can my own salsa. I would love to get back into canning again. This would be so helpful!

  • 185
    Alice Williamson says:

    As a Mom who works out of the home full time, this will help save me time and preserve the garden veggies for my family to enjoy year round. What a fabulous product.

  • 186
    Sherri says:

    After a long day Morel Mushroom hunting this would be perfect! We could have Morels all year long not just in spring anymore. Not to mention all the garden goodies. The perfect kitchen gadget! Thanks for your ingenious idea.

  • 187
    Angela F says:

    So many times I buy or grow fruits and veggies that are in season but my family of 5 still can’t eat it all before it goes bad. Want to be able to have these all year long and do something with what is being wasted.

  • 188
    Larry F says:

    I want to can items that are lower in sodium.

  • 189
    Karen Egge says:

    We love fresh canned veggies and anything to make it easier is good

  • 190
    Linda P says:

    I’ve always wanted to learn canning. Grandma had a fruit room and I loved playing in it. Now that I’m retired, I have the time and a large family to enjoy the “fruits” of my labor.

  • 191
    Susie B says:

    I’ve only made strawberry jam, but I recently started gardening and want to expand my canning to the tomatoes and bell peppers I’m trying to grow.

  • 192
    Stephanie O'Leary says:

    I made my first batch of relishes last fall, and fell in love with this fundamental food craft. I’d LOVE to have this automatic canning system!

  • 193
    Denise Costa says:

    what a great idea!
    love it!

  • 194
    Stacey says:

    I would love to win it because mine just started not sealing right. I am a current user and know I will be a regular user of this canner. We love canning, my son will ask can we can it. He loves to help in the kitchen and as he says it taste so good and is fun to do.

  • 195
    Sharon says:

    I never canned befor so I think this would be a novice like me to see the ease of canning with an canning system like this

  • 196
    TRUDY MANN says:

    I tried canning a couple of years ago and it is my new found love. I put a small garden out to feed my son, grandson and myself. Since I have been on disability it has chqnged my budget drastically and I cannot believe the money I have saved by canning my own fruits and vegetables. At christmas, my landlord bought a new stove for my apartment but it is a glasstop and I can no longer can my foods because the canner is too heavy for the glasstop. Having a new electric canner would allow me to continue doing what I love while I’m saving money and preparing great food that I know what is in it.

  • 197

    I’d like to win the canner because I bottle a lot of tomato sauce every year and this would make the job much easier!

  • 198
    Kim Norwood says:

    I would like to start canning to help lower my grocery bills and feed my family better foods.

  • 199
    Robin Crane says:

    It would be great to save money and actually use all of my garden produce!

  • 200
    jimmie says:

    I would just love to have one!!

  • 201
    Christine says:

    I would love a canning machine my family is so large I need to can a lot if things to make ends meet

  • 202
    John says:

    I have been canning the old fashion way for years. But now I have had a back injury which limits the amount of time I can stand or work on anything. With all the chemicals sprayed on food today I have my own garden which my children help take care of and we can from it. This makes sure that our food is fresh and chemical free. With the automatic Ball caner I can save time and strain and still enjoy more vegetables from the garden. Ty

  • 203
    Lori says:

    As a prediabetic I don’t use jarred stuff from the grocery store because of the sugar content. I’d love to make my own sugarfree jam, jelly, cranberry sauce, barbecue sauce, etc. There are times when I wish I could just reach on my pantry shelf and get a jar of this or that. My stove is too small to do traditional style canning…this would solve that problem! I’d love to be able to take advantage of sales of fruits, veggies, etc. to make dozens of jars of this stuff at a time. I remember canning with my mom as a kid, and being able to do that again would bring back memories of those days spent in the kitchen with her….as well as provide me with jars and jars of healthy sugarfree stuff.

  • 204
    Nancy Schmandt says:

    I have canned for years. This would make it so much easier. I like to know what’s in the food we eat. I enjoy giving quarts for gifts — even as thank you’s for something.

  • 205
    Patricia Butler says:

    We are retiring in a few weeks and buying a house up by my oldest daughter and she wants us to start canning as I have always grown a lot of food when I have a yard. It is a wonderful dream to be with my oldest daughter, canning. Thank you for this chance.

  • 206
    Shelby Tyree-Dawson says:

    I want to start canning this summer because home canned foods are better nutritionally, and economically. When you can your own vegetables and fruits you know what is in them.

  • 207
    Matt Kolesar says:

    My parents moved back to the family farm, and now when I visit the memories of canned vegetable, applesauce and other fruits come flooding back. I want to be able to pass similar ones on to my family.

  • 208
    Ronald says:

    I like to take advantage of the figs my tree produces each year, and this would be a great help to me in this effort.

  • 209
    Heather says:

    I want to start canning because my family of 7 has been through too many tornadoes, 3 years ago we had several tornadoes hit our area and being without electricity for a week, everything in our fridge went bad and everything in our pantry had to be cooked. So I want to can several different meals, veggies, fruit so it can be opened and eaten in an emergency.

  • 210
    Lisa says:

    I made Salsa last year & would love to do some other veggies this year.

  • 211
    Eric Appel says:

    Prefer fresh veggies and this would be ideal to help store without dealing with stores and rising prices. Grow your own, can your own.

  • 212
    mary says:

    I already can, but this would make it sooooo much easier.

  • 213
    Linda Prater says:

    I have always want to can meats but was a little scared this would make it easier and take the gust work out of it. Would love to win.

  • 214
    Sandy says:

    I have wanted a canner for a couple of years. We always have lots of green beans. I have never been able to afford one. Winning would be great. Thks

  • 215
    Mona Beck says:

    I have not canned since I left home and would like to get back into it. Plus i decide what goes in my canned goods not the stores

  • 216
    Joanne Ledbetter says:

    My mom always canned when I was a kid and now I want to do it too…this would be a wonderfully simple way to learn how!

  • 217
    Caryn Goulden says:

    After years and years of canning I quit when the nest emptied and I was on my own. With a renewed interest in growing a garden to have safe, fresh food, I’m ready to start canning again!

  • 218
    fran s. says:

    I want all of the summer taste to last all winter

  • 219
    Anita Bushman says:

    I was getting ready to purchase supplies for canning as certain fruits and vegtables come into season After ciewing this product what a efficient way to can your favorite fruits and vegtables I would love to win.If I dont win I was wondering where you can buy this productand what would be the cost ?

  • 220
    LELA YORK says:

    We raise a large garden every year so I can everything, including my own tomato, spaghetti and enchilada sauces. Each year I try new combinations of vegetables and fruits. I also make my own jams, jellies, relishes, salsas and pickles.

  • 221
    Betty Mawhinney says:

    I would like to start canning my own foods because they put too many chemicals & other strange sounding things in the foods you buy. I want to eat healthier so I’ll be around to see my 5 month old granddaughter grow up.

  • 222
    Maxine says:

    I live in an apartment and don’t have much room in freezer and this would save on prepackage food

  • 223
    Margaret Thacker says:

    I want to be able to can this summer and since we moved I don’t my canner any longer and I miss putting up things to use in the winter & spring.

  • 224
    Rebecka says:

    I am canning everything that I can get to grow this year:-)

  • 225
    jenine fernandez says:

    it would be nice to try for recipes

  • 226
    LindaM says:

    I can for our health. So many foods are sprayed with chemicals nowadays and we react to many of them. Gardening and canning/preserving foods helps us and the food tastes so much better, fresher.

  • 227
    Rose Toellner says:

    I want to start canning this year because we have an increasing family size and will help us to save money for other things. Plus the food is always so much better when it’s from your own garden.

  • 228
    Audra says:

    I want to start canning because food prices are going up. Starting my own garden and canning will help save some money.

  • 229
    harold says:

    I always wanted to start the hobby but never had the equipment to do it. This would help me get started!

  • 230
    Debbie Welchert says:

    I want to start canning this summer to put up some of our wonderful vegetables from our garden. We have planted some new varieties of vegetables that I would like to see how well they turn out when canned.

  • 231
    Gale says:

    Not like my Mom’s for sure. Wouldn’t be afraid to use this one.

  • 232
    Victoriasahar says:

    I now have a yard to grow a garden and since I am ow also disabled any monetary savings I can manage will be very welcome. Plus, I remember canning with my mother and grandmother-wonderful memories that I can instill in my daughter.

  • 233
    Kathy Borrell says:

    To be able the taste the wonderful sense of fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • 234
    Joan Shaw says:

    I am 80 years young and still do a lot of canning (mostly jams & jellies) for my children & grands. I could do a lot more with this canner. Absolutely love it and then some!

  • 235
    Doug Quinn says:

    I just started a small garden and wondered if canning or freezing might be better…if I win the canner – I’ll can all the extras!!

  • 236
    Patricia Shultz says:

    I live in a semi rural area surrounded by wild black berries and fields of cane and blueberries. Nothing better than fresh home caned jam.

  • 237
    Debi Merloni says:

    Every year I seem to can less and less vegetables. With this canner I will be able to can better and faster! I would love to win it!

  • 238
    Jeanne Nicholls says:

    I want to start canning fruits and vegetables for my family. It will be a great way to provide quality food where I know what is in it.

  • 239
    Alicia says:

    I just redesign my rise beds in my garden, hoping this year I will grown lots of vegetables to canned.

  • 240
    JUDITH R says:

    I have canned for years and can everything
    from A-Z, this would make it a lot easier.

  • 241
    Robert says:

    I have 44 Blue Lake green bean plants in 2 raised beds…….NEED TO CAN!!!!!

  • 242
    Jennifer Day says:

    My grandmother believed that young ladies should now the “basics” . When I was younger, I watched her make the best relish ever in big stone crocks that she placed under the kitchen table for a few days. Then she would pull out the big canning pot and put it in the jars. I would love to be able to make her relish recipie for my family

  • 243
    Billie Moore says:

    I would like to win this for canning, so I know what is in my food. It’s hard to get the pressure right on the canner on a flat top stove. It is so scary. This would take the fear out of canning my own food.

  • 244
    Denise Wisley says:

    Wow, where do I begin? Here goes…I grew up on a 40 acre farm, where our meals came from what we grew. In my grandparents home with my grandfather was disabled & grandma working, I was outside taking care of livestock & in one of our 4 gardens, so I never learned canning. I turned 50 this year & have wanted to learn for the past few years…but, I have no one living to teach me “the old way”, so I’ve checked around at the more modern & conventional products out there, and they are way out of my price range, so I’m going to take a chance at winning one…so I can get “back to my roots”, eat foods that don’t contain ingredients that are not healthy for me, and teach my daughter what REAL food tastes like. Thank you..

  • 245
    Pat lawler says:

    I am using my mom’s old canning pot and rack now. It is all rusted and most likely not safe any more. Something this modern would really be nice for our canning wants.

  • 246
    Rob says:

    Short summer and long rainy winters here in the Pacific Northwest…gotta make the garden veggies last thru those long winters.

  • 247
    Anita Bushman says:

    I was getting ready to purchase traditional mason jars and supplies for canning this summer .I saw this product and instantly fell in love how efficient how easy to can your favorite fruit and vegetables and salsas,jams Wow what a great product.If I cant win it I would like to buy it ..Thanks ahead of time

  • 248
    pam chapman says:

    I have tried canning the old fashioned way–would love to try it this way.

  • 249
    Rebecca Czarny says:

    We’re planning a bigger garden this year…home canned fruits and vegetables may not be as inexpensive as store bought, but they sure taste better (and I think are better for you)…this canning system sure would come in handy!

  • 250

    What a great invention.I have always wanted to can but have been afraid to try, this would be wonderful-what a money saver it would be and so healthy and fresh!

  • 251
    Judy Chivers says:

    I have got out of canning as it was so much work pulling everything out but this looks so much easier. I love home made canned items and could think of a better prize to win.

  • 252
    Patricia Clark says:

    My husband and I have planted our first garden together and would love t start canning all our veggies from our garden so we can enjoy them all year long…my Mother did a lot of canning and would also like to keep up the tradition.

  • 253
    Sylvia says:

    I love to can veggies and fruit but am always nervous about the result….this would make me more confidant

  • 254
    Judy Kannard says:

    I have a huge garden planted and can’t wait to can! The sound of jars sealing is music to my ears!

  • 255
    Cris says:

    After having spent the better part of the last 10 months, most of it spent with a feeding tube due to battling cancer of the tongue, I have really learned to appreciate fresh fruit and produce. Now I can’t seem to get enough, and have started collecting recipes to can and/or preserve them. So this would be a BIG help and greatly appreciated.

  • 256
    Mary Ann Pavey says:

    I now have a garden in my backyard:))And I cannot wait to be able to can and put HEALTHY food up to eat all winter each year!! So Happy:))

  • 257
    Anita Deems says:

    I’m always looking for ways to get healthier. For myself and friends and family. This would be perfect!

  • 258
    L H says:

    would love this i have a glass top stove and can not can like i use to do this would be lovely to help me can again

  • 259
    Shirley Schueler says:

    OMG!!! This is the coolest. Now that I’ve retired, I can get more into canning and this would be perfect.

  • 260
    Kathy Flaherty says:

    I will strawberry picking this season, so I planning on making homemade strawberry jam. This automatic canning system would make this strawberry jam process much easier! 🙂

  • 261

    With today’s economy, when you see fruits or vegetables on sale, I would love to have this canning system to stock up and have fresh vegetables, jams and jellies whenever I want them.

  • 262
    Betty Flinchbaugh says:

    I want to can again due to health issues and this way I can control what is in my food.

  • 263
    Jennifer Flood says:

    I have my first plot in my community garden this year, and I’m going to need some way to deal with all this produce!

  • 264
    Shirley Schueler says:

    This is so cool. Now that I’ve retired and have the time to do more canning and this will work so well. Will make great, healthy gift giving also.

  • 265
    Catherine L says:

    So I can start making some jelly & jam with all the fresh fruit that is about to be in season!

  • 266
    denise p. says:

    My garden’s looking great. I would love to start canning!

  • 267
    Diana says:

    We have a big garden planted this year and I will have alot of canning to do. I would love to have the canner.

  • 268
    Jackie Cunningham says:

    I wish to start canning this summer because I am on a fixed income. I was raised on a farm and nothing tastes better than when you can fresh fruits and vegetables, special jams and salsas. It’s great to grow vegetables in containers and then can them. Provides wonderful gifts as well. For someone on a fixed income, saves lots of money.

  • 269
    Lisa B says:

    I used to can everything and when we moved had to give up my supplies. I have an autoimmune disease and have been eating much healthier to combat it. Starting to can again would save me a lot at the grocery store and allow me to eat organic.

  • 270
    Maggie Nikkel says:

    I have been canning for years 45 + years and have used the water bath for every season of canning! would love to have this! It would take time off of how long it takes for the water bath system. Plus it would also save me from the obvious burns I get every year! lol

  • 271
    Donna Kenna says:

    I have been a canner since the early 70’s, always using Ball canning jars, equipment, and recipes. Every time, an excellent product resulted. Loosing product and time was never an issue. Ball is the expert!

  • 272
    kyl neusch says:

    want to use more of my veggies

  • 273
    Donna Kenna says:

    I have been a canner since the early 70’s, always using Ball canning jars, equipment, and recipes. Every time, an excellent product resulted. Loosing product and time was never an issue. Now, an automatic system is on the market. Ball is the always the expert!

  • 274
    Jan Holaway says:

    I have gardened for years, but gave up canning because of the heat in the kitchen -this should be a vast improvement from the old pressure canners that my Mother used! Look forward to an opportunity to give it a whirl…

  • 275
    jeanne lucas says:

    Some of my happiest memories are canning with my grandmother, mother, and all the women in our family. I want to do this with my daughters and granddaughter.

  • 276
    Carol Nelson says:

    I want to start canning this summer to have healthier food. Canning foods would get our family away from processed food an sauces an even condiments. Healthier living, oh I want that canning machine.

  • 277
    Hayley Locke says:

    I have planted a garden and would like to be able to can what I grown. Thank you for the chance.

  • 278
    rose mosey says:

    I have never done much in the canning area. I was too afraid of not properly processing and would end up with some sort of botulism. The only thing that I have ever canned was pickles.

  • 279
    Peggy Johnson says:

    I want to start canning this summer to stock up all the great fruit and vegies from our garden and help my mom with her canning needs

  • 280
    Mary Gilbert says:

    We can almost anything

  • 281
    Rosana Tracey says:

    I must perfect strawberry jam by the end of the Summer!!!

  • 282
    Louisa Pouliot says:

    I always have so much from my large garden that I just don’t know what to do with, and this will be a very easy way to preserve the garden vegies etc. to use all year long yum….

  • 283
    Judith Manthe says:

    Would love to can smaller amounts of produce.
    This would make my life much easier!

  • 284
    Sandi says:

    I wanna start canning this summer to have fresher n better foods to eat 🙂

  • 285
    Reeseann Wyatt says:

    I would love to make jelly out of our grapes and blackberries

  • 286
    Debbie G says:

    I have a garden and I am planting more this year. My Mom canned all the veggies from the garden when I was young. I would also like to make jam.

  • 287
    Gail Wagner says:

    I’ve canned a bit but always made do with what I had. (Turned over can lids while my jars were balanced on top). This would make life so much easier!

  • 288
    Naomi Kash says:

    I would love to win this canner I love to can fresh vegetables and fruits from my garden..

  • 289
    Cindy says:

    I would love to learn how to can and feed my family healthier. We have started our first all organic garden and could use all the help we can get in the process and saving of our veggies. Thanks for the chance!

  • 290
    ChrisK says:

    I would love to be able to start canning,and
    this prize would be just the thing to help me
    preserve all the farmer’s market goodies the I just can’t pass up now. It would be such a treat to savor them this Winter.

  • 291
    catherine says:

    As seniors on a fixed income being able to can would go a long way to stretch our food dollars

  • 292
    sheila schrumpf says:

    I love having my own produce at hand all year long and canning it is the perfect solution. I have tried hot water canning but it takes so long and doesn’t always work so well. Would love to try one of these!

  • 293
    Deborah says:

    Years ago I canned everything. With today’s economy, it is time to to get back to it.
    It is actually fun and relaxing

  • 294
    Sharon Strickland says:

    I used to lots of canning but have not done for a few years. I would love to start again so I could make my own jams and sauces while the fruits and vegetables are fresh.

  • 295
    JPartin says:

    I have a large garden and love to make pickles, pickled peppers and canned tomatoes. This would make it so much easier!

  • 296
    Joan says:

    I love to can garden produce that’s produced organically in the backyard. It’s a huge benefit to the family health and the family pocketbook!

  • 297
    Cat says:

    Growing up my mother canned everything! We made our own jams and jelly also. Since my mom has passed almost all of the recipes we used were lost. I would love to be able to start canning and introduce my children to this as it was one of my best memories. I just wish I could have my mom still around to show me how.

  • 298
    Cynthia Charbonneau says:

    I would love this, I have a canner you put on the stove but the burner isn’t quite big enough. It takes a long time to get it going.

  • 299
    Deb Karns says:

    I want to start canning because it is so much more healthy no added salt or chemicals added plus I will know what the family will be eating. Everything tastes better I remember my Grandmother canning when I was growing up. It will also help with my grocery budget and it will taste so much better this winter.

  • 300
    Shirley Masunaga says:

    I learned to can the old fashion way and would like to be able to use a more simpler way to do it. I can apricots and tomatoes. Would like to try to can vegetables if I win the new canner.

  • 301
    Kimarie Stebbins says:

    I might have gone overboard with the tomato plants this year. How awesome would this prize be!?

  • 302
    Debi Barbour says:

    I want to start canning because as retirees, our budget is quite tight. My grandmother always canned fresh vegetables from her garden. She passed away before she was able to teach me the old fashion technique. I really miss her homemade foods.

  • 303
    Catherine says:

    Have been canning for years, that would be a great way to can, save a lot of clock watching.

  • 304
    Val says:

    Because I haven’t canned in years.

  • 305
    Judy Zimpel says:

    I have all ways wanted to can vegetables but have been intimidated by the process.
    I watched my Mom can many times and asked questions but I never attempted canning myself. I felt their were so many instructions to understand . I was afraid I might not do things correctly and that the jars might not be prepared accurately.
    This canner appears to make canning easier.
    This machine looks like a good one. One that would make it easier to learn to can.

  • 306
    Lisa says:

    I’d like to start canning, but I feel intimidated by a regular pressure canner. This looks like something I could use fearlessly!

  • 307
    karen s says:

    I’d like to start canning my own fresh fruits and vegetables to save money and know what ingredients goes into the can. I can make sure that everything is truly fresh and not a bunch of processed chemicals.

  • 308


  • 309
    Lynn Mitchell says:

    My nephew and I love making salsas and pickles every summer and we are always experimenting with different types of peppers and tomatoes and this canner would allow us to feel safe about the tomato products that we can. Both of us enjoy gardening and cooking very much!

  • 310
    Betty Hess says:

    I want this canner because I am going to be a Grandmother for the first time! I am so excited and am so looking forward to making all the organic baby food out of the bounty of fresh fruit and veggies we have on the West Coast.

  • 311
    Deb C says:

    I want to can this summer because I grow heirloom tomatoes. If it;s a good season, I have more than I can use and give away. Homemade spaghetti sauce, canned with this system would be wonderful.

  • 312
    rose says:

    I would love to be able to preserve the fresh local produce i get at the farmer’s market this summer, and save on groceries the rest of the year 🙂

  • 313
    Kim Notte says:

    Nothing better than in the cold days of winter to open a jar of something you grew yourself. Would love to have this appliance.

  • 314
    Theresa Edmondson says:

    Me and my husband enjoy canning,he grows a small garden and we also go to a local farmers market for seasonal produce also. We use the old fashion water-bath canner and pressure cooker canner, it gets hot in our kitchen because of our house being a older home, so it would be a real life saver for us, our kitchen wouldn’t get so hot.

  • 315
    john smyth says:

    I have always wanted to be able to can my vegetables.

  • 316
    Judie Dutton says:

    I love to can, and this would take the guesswork out of the temperature and the amount of time needed to can all the different jams, sauces and vegetables. I’m glad Ball came up with a better way to make canning easier. Even if I don’t win it, I’m definitely going to buy one!

  • 317
    Jan Johnson says:

    I have canned traditionally for many years, but my wife has always been “nervous” with regular canners and doesn’t even like to be around when I use one. With this new design I think we might finally be able to can together and that would be very nice.

  • 318
    wanda says:

    love to can but the old pressure cooker is getting to be a little to much for me now.This would make things so much easier

  • 319
    Tracy Melhinch says:

    I would love to have fresh ingredients all year!!

  • 320
    Merelyn says:

    I bought a book on canning and think this would be a great experience for my mother, son, and me to do together. I’d been trying to think of things to do as a family, especially to get my 94 years old mother more active and interested in doing something.

  • 321
    Jene says:

    I’ve been afraid to try canning. This looks like the perfect solution especially since the size of my family has recently doubled!!

  • 322
    elaine says:

    I have been canning for many many yrs and everyone that grows veggies and fruit brings their goodies to me and i can them.I would love to have this so i could do even more. I love to can and give as gifts!

  • 323
    J Sorensen says:

    I love to can. I use the old-fashioned method of pressure cooker or water bath. I want to teach my grand daughters and grand sons how to can and I think I would be able to keep their interest with something more high-tech like your new automatic canning system.

  • 324
    Judith Fish says:

    I have canned for many years and have taught 2 daughters, a daughter-in-law, and granddaughter how to plant gardens and can the produce. I would like to try something to make canning a bit easier for me as I still do about 2oo quarts of vegetables and juice a year.

  • 325
    rose says:

    this sounds like what I need for the extra veggies from home garden. It will make canning easier and safer. Will enjoy the benefits in the winter time.

  • 326
    Cyndi Worthy says:

    It would be such a blessing for my husband and I to win this machine. I have so many chronic health issues and clean eating is a huge survival need for my body to sustain food. We want to grow and can as much as we can and frequent farmers markets to support the local farmers AND eat healthier. Thank you in advance for the opportunity!!!

  • 327
    Danielle Schumacher says:

    this is would an amazing gift to win, I have a son who’s just turning 1 and it’d be a great experience to teach him about fruit/vegetables/and meats not to mention it’s a lot healthier.

  • 328
    Pamela Perry says:

    I wish then I can then start to do my own caning!

  • 329
    Karen V. says:

    I have been canning for years, but my canner was my grandmother’s which puts it at close to 100 yrs. old, so I was close to giving canning up. With this new one I could easily be “back in business”!!

  • 330
    Cathy says:

    Some of our garden produce always goes to waste and I’ve lacked the confidence to can the traditional way.

  • 331
    Janice Nutter says:

    I’m retired and I want to learn to can so I can teach my children and grandkids. I’m 62 and canning is a dying art that I want it to continue on for generations to come.

  • 332
    Linda M says:

    I like to can, must have skipped a generation in my family. My husband has health problems and will eat more when we have home-canned foods instead of the store stuff. This would be a wonderful addition in my kitchen.

  • 333
    Joanna A. says:

    I would love to experiment with canning pickles and making homemade jams!

  • 334
    Lisa Harris says:

    I always watched my mom can in the summers when I was growing up, and I have always wanted to do it myself. I never got around to learning how before she passed away, and I would love to do it now.

  • 335

    I would love to start canning again I stopped because the pot was to heavy and did not fit my stove burner. this automatic canning system looks so easy for me to handle.I love giving my canned goods as gifts.

  • 336
    SHELLY says:

    I want to save money and eat healthier by canning organic food.

  • 337
    Susan Harrington says:

    A favorite childhood memory is making jam at our summer cottage with my grandmother and my mother. They are both gone, and I would love to start canning on my own. This system would make it sooooo much easier.

  • 338
    Pam says:

    I LOVE Canned Peaches!!

  • 339
    Janet says:

    I have a water-bath canner, but would love to be able to do more things. This would certainly do the trick!

  • 340
    Frankie Rivera says:

    I want to start canning as we are now living on one income and I have health issues that require a certain diet be followed. Canning would ensure that what we eat is not full of salts and other things I can’t have.

  • 341
    Kathy English says:

    I think canned tomatoes are almost better than fresh!!

  • 342
    Ryan Hebert says:

    Well I already can but im looking for a faster more efficient way to can as I dont have a lot of money so I try to save any way I can

  • 343
    teresa says:

    I want to start canning as I plan to move to Alaska in a few years and this will be how I am able to provide for my family.

  • 344
    Kitty M. says:

    We share a garden with our friends, and with 24 tomato plants I have been canning sauce whole tomatoes, pizza sauce etc… This machine would allow me more time to get my beets, hot peppers, jellies and jams done!

  • 345
    Fran says:

    Plant your garden and get ready for the long winter………….

  • 346
    Michelle Hedger says:

    I have a large garden & always wanted to can but nervous about bacteria & proper sealing. I would love to put some food up by canning with this machine instead of freezing & dehydrating!

  • 347
    Helen Anderson says:

    This would be a great way to preserve my excess vegetables for winter use.

  • 348
    Teresa Miller says:

    I can remember sitting with my grandmother watching her can tomatos and jellies for the winter with the freshest fruits and vegetables from summer. She did not work outside of the home and I’ve found that time is limited. I would still like to continue the tradition for my children.

  • 349
    KarenB. says:

    I have been canning all my life along side of my mom and aunts. I had to give it up due to breast cancer and it’s complications. I could so get back to canning because I could do this on my own without help.

  • 350
    liz l says:

    To connect with my mother in law

  • 351
    Val says:

    I want to bring back my old memories from my garden.

  • 352
    Shirley Daniel says:

    I’d like to win this for my daughter who has started canning. I’ve been canning for years the old fashion way and it can be intimidating for beginners.

  • 353
    Dandi D says:

    I have tomatoes, onions, and lots of peppers in my garden, so I can’t wait to can some salsa!

  • 354
    heidi w. says:

    I want to start canning this summer, because it is fun. I also enjoy the fact that I can control the ingredients in my food, to make sure that my family is eating healthy.

  • 355
    Dandi D says:

    I have lots of tomatoes, peppers and onions in my garden, so I can’t wait to can salsa.

  • 356
    Liz V. says:

    Would like to start canning because of so many additives in commercially canned veggies and fruits.

  • 357
    vera says:

    I want to start canning because this last year I’ve been growing some of our own food as well as keeping chickens as pets for eggs. I like knowing what goes into my childrens bodies, this would be perfect to preserve what we pick from our garden. Thanks for the chance.

  • 358 says:

    I already can, I started it back a few years ago when money was even more tight than it is now and it started as making chicken broths and then sauces and I am where I am at now canning anything I can. The only bad thing is I do not have anything, but jars so I am doing it the hard way placing jars gently at the bottoms of a boiling pot and trying to take them out gently with a pain of kitchen claws.. If I won this I would be so happy!

  • 359

    As a Granny, I find myself more and more interested in things my grandmothers did, like quilting, smocking, gardening and making my own food. Would like to preserve these rapidly disappearing home arts by showing my grandchildren it’s possible without having to work as hard as my grandparents did.

  • 360
    krystal wethington says:

    I need this because my father n law and I are having a garden this year and we are wanting to can alot of stuff so we dont have to buy at the store.Canning food will last alot longer and the food is better for you than store bought stuff.

  • 361
    Thomas Tiencken says:

    Canning every year and this would be great!

  • 362
    Michelle Jones says:

    I would love to use this new canner to preserve my fruits and vegetables from the garden. It would certainly take the guess work out of it. My children could even be able to use this machine.

  • 363
    Karen Drake says:

    I would like to can some tomatoes and green beans.

  • 364
    Robyn S says:

    I am dying to begin canning this summer! The Ball FreshTECH automatic canning system is the lifesaver I’ve been waiting for! There is nothing better than enjoying something you grew yourself.

  • 365
    Karen McTurk says:

    Growing my own vegetables is such a joy. We can’t eat all I grow, so I freeze what I can fit in my tiny refrigerator freezer. I would love to preserve by canning, since I have more room to store jars. The Ball FreshTECH Automatic Home Canning System looks easy to use for a single working mom with very little extra time. Thank you for this giveaway!

  • 366
    Kerri O'Barr says:

    I know what is on my Christmas list now: a Ball canning system.. It would be great to win it from my must have magazine:Better Homes & Gardens.
    Kerri O’Barr
    Plano, TX

  • 367
    Erica C. says:

    I’m growing more vegetables and this would be a great way to save money.

  • 368
    Cynthia says:

    I would like the canning system to can with my daughters from our garden and also it makes sharing with distant relative and friends easier.

  • 369
    Fran E. says:

    Love the safety features on this modern appliance.

  • 370
    Suzanne says:

    I tried canning a couple of years ago and burned my hand. this innovative gadget seems to be right up my alley and I would love to try again.

  • 371
    Stephanie Galbraith says:

    We just started a garden this year, so it would be nice to preserve what we have in excess of so we are not wasteful.

  • 372
    Vicki Plant says:

    I have always wanted to try to can my own vegetables but have been intimidated by the process. This seems to simplify the process. My grandmother always gave us her canned tomatoes, beans,and pickles. It would be nice to continue the tradition.

  • 373
    Daniel M says:

    hope to have a good garden this year and to preserve everything we don’t eat to last the winter

  • 374
    ashley says:

    I want to can so I can help prevent wasted food-and have more treats put away!

  • 375
    Dee says:

    I would love to win this. I lost my job in October and haven’t had any luck finding anything, this has made me become completely frugal, making my own laundry detergent, cleaning supplies etc. and canning is just one more step into being more self sufficient and less dependent on STUFF from outside sources.

  • 376
    Kaitlin says:

    I want to start canning this summer to learn a new skill and prevent food from being wasted.

  • 377
    Val says:

    I’d love to get back into canning!

  • 378
    barb haley says:

    I always have a plethora of tomatoes at the end f the season would love to preserve them

  • 379
    Sky Evans says:

    I would like to can strawberry jam.
    skevens7@gmail dot com

  • 380
    KC Hunsaker says:

    Way too many things are coming ripe than I can use right now, but come next winter we’d be so happy having great canned fruit/veg

  • 381
    Traisa says:

    My friend keeps talking about learning to can to preserve the leftovers from her garden. She would love this.

  • 382
    joe gersch says:

    i want to can to have veggies year round

  • 383
    Karen Beatty says:

    I would like to start canning more for my family. It just seems like the most healthy choice for those I care about. This system looks incredible. I have grand children now and it has opened my eyes to being more healthy myself so I can enjoy them for a LONG time.

  • 384
    Eugenia Hall says:

    I’d love to start canning again, I used to do it all the time with my Mother when I was growing up. But she’s getting on in years now and I’m partially disabled and I think this system would let me do it without help. I’d love to make her strawberry jam and pickles.

  • 385
    Debbie says:

    I have always wanted to learn how to can food.I would like to preserve summer’s bounty of corn,peppers,tomatoes, eat year round.

  • 386

    I want to start canning this summer because I’ve planted over 50 varieties of tomatoes in my garden this year.

  • 387
    Bonnie Welford says:

    Raised in the country, we did a lot of canning. Nothing better than veggies you have prepared yourself!

  • 388
    cassandra says:

    I would like to start because I have always wanted to and why not now?

  • 389
    Buddy Garrett says:

    I want to start canning because I want to eat healthier and save money on groceries.

  • 390
    Fran E. says:

    Time for me to pick on my grandparents’ hobby!

  • 391
    Anne Nowlin says:

    How wonderful to be able to capture the true taste of Blood Orange Marmalade in a beautiful and wonderful canning process. Plus all the bounties of the vegetable garden. Happy Canning to All!

  • 392
    danielle schumacher says:

    nothing better than healthy canned fruit/veg/meats. I’d love this!

  • 393
    Tim Anderson says:

    Jams and jellies would be awesome

  • 394
    Francine Anchondo says:

    I have always wanted to try it.

  • 395
    Karen D says:

    I’ve canned our garden surplus for some years now, as well as jam from foraged berries. This would be great, and I’d probably be able to do more, as it simplifies the process, and helps insure good results.

  • 396
    Donna Noecker says:

    I’ve been canning all the fresh vegi’s and berries from our garden with the large waterbath canner. Although I love the process (and the terrific quarts of homemade goodies), it’s a huge commitment of time, and a major stove scrub and cleanup afterward. I’ve never seen anything like this magnificent machine. The time, elbow grease and water saved is too wonderful to contemplate! If I won this electric canner, my life would be immeasurably better!

  • 397
    Carly D. says:

    I want to start using foods that we otherwise would have wasted.

  • 398
    Brittney House says:

    I would like to start making jams and jellies and send them to family members since they love them so much.

  • 399
    Laura Spongberg says:

    Keeping the freshest fruit at its peak is reason enough to can. I’m making apricot pineapple jam this weekend.

  • 400
    Mary P M says:

    I have been canning for a long time using the
    water bath method, it would be great to try a different method and having time saved too.

  • 401
    Mary P M says:

    I have been canning foe a long time using the
    water bath method. It would be great to use this caner which would save me more time and money

  • 402
    kathy pease says:

    I would love to start canning because frankly groceries are getting so expensive and I would love to be able to save some money

  • 403

    I want to start canning this year because ‘m now retired and I’m eating, semi paleo style. I want to have some of my items ready and on hand for the winter when I cant get certain fresh vegetables.

  • 404
    Jenni Wins says:

    I’ve been trying to eat more fruits and veggies, but they’re so expensive in the winter.

  • 405
    Liza E says:

    I would like to can jams ans pico de gallo

  • 406
    H.E. DeLuna says:

    We have recently put in raised garden beds and this would definitely come in handy.

  • 407

    I want to start canning because we are trying very hard to go organic, local, non-gmo and it would make it much more affordable to get the produce at its peak and put up for later use.

  • 408
    Teresa says:

    I would love to have this to can garden vegetables for myself and my family. This could help feed us all year long. What a wonderful kitchen appliance that all homemakers need.

  • 409
    Katherine says:

    I planted a garden this year and some berry bushes so want to can my beans corn, squash and make some jam

  • 410 says:

    I wanna win so I can make canned foods with my fiance!

  • 411
    Denise K. says:

    I want to preserve all of the wonderful summer flavors, so I can enjoy them this coming winter. Green beans, peaches, preserves and jams, corn….. MMMMMMM!

  • 412
    Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:

    I want to win, because I want to take control over what’s in the food I am eating. I want to reduce chemicals and unhealthy ingredients!

  • 413
    danielle Marie says:

    we have some lovely fruit trees in the backyard that are screaming to have their fruit canned for winter!

  • 414
    Cathy says:

    I recently was forced to retire and unable to find a new job, things have been tough but learning how to garden and make things are now on my list of things to do. Have been attending gardening classes and cheese making classes they have been a fun learning experience. My first garden gave forth plenty of bounty was unsure what to do with it all so I froze most of it. This summer I want to take a canning class they are offering. I think this item would help out alot.

  • 415
    Kathleen Hand says:

    My mom canned everything and made fruit leather in the dehydrator. I spent hours picking fruits and vegetables but only watched her how to can. I would love to learn how to do it myself now and teach my daughter at the same time.

  • 416
    Val says:

    This canner would be the easiest ever to use!

  • 417
    Mihaela Day says:

    Because I grew up watching my mom can fruits and vegetables and I would love to do it for my kids

  • 418
    Breanne says:

    I want to start growing my own fruits and vegetables.

  • 419
    virgil poore says:

    we want to start canning cause my grandma is in her 70s and she has always done it with the old fashion canners that scare crap outta me and my this would be great to do on our own and not worry about blowing the house up

  • 420
    Karrie Millheim says:

    I would like to be self sufficient and make great tasting food myself that I can do by canning my own foods. I would love to do pickles and tomatoes

  • 421
    Cynthia C says:

    I want to start canning this summer to take advantage of the produce I pick from my local pick-your-own vegetable farm.

  • 422
    Cynthia C says:

    I want to start canning this summer to take advantage of what I purchase from my local pick-your-own vegetable farm.

  • 423
    Danalee Davis says:

    I would like to win, because I am sick of wasting fruits and veggies.

  • 424
    Hesper Fry says:

    I would like to start canning so that I can make homemade jams and pickles.

  • 425
    Carol says:

    I want to start canning this summer to learn a new skill and prevent food from being wasted.

  • 426
    MARIA simon says:

    I can a ton of stuff for school and church..this would come in handy!!! thanks in advance 😉 😉

  • 427
    Abel R. says:

    I want to start canning because my fresh foods have such a short shelf life. I really do want to enjoy them throughout the year.

  • 428
    Noreen says:

    My kids get sick from GMOs so I want to try and make my own canned food to avoid gmo ingredients such as beet sugar

  • 429
    Della Barker says:

    I have a large garden and make trips to the orchards for fruit. This would be a quicker and safer way for me to can. Thank you so much for the chance!

  • 430
    Sarah Cool says:

    I would love to can some spaghetti sauce and strawberry jam, yum!

  • 431
    Ian Cath says:

    I grew up with my mother and grandmother canning food and I’ve done it for a while, but I always looking for a better/easier way.

  • 432
    Kimberley C says:

    I want to can to seal in the flavors of summer.

  • 433
    Heather HOward says:

    I would love to make pickles for my kids and Apricot, Apple, peach and Almond Delight Jam for my mom

  • 434
    Jennifer says:

    I used to can with my Grandmother when I was younger. Would love to start canning with my children. This would be a great help.

  • 435
    Terry Beck says:

    I would love to win this! Every year we have a garden and I do home canning but it seems to be such a pain long process at times and this would be so much more easier and faster! Thank you for allowing us the chance to win this!

  • 436
    tina reynolds says:

    I want to start canning because I used to with my grandparents and the best food I ever had especially strawberry jam came from what we had canned want to share with my kids.

  • 437
    Diana Adcock says:

    I LOVE canning-I can all year long but HATE he heat stovetop canning adds to my house during the hot summer months. This canner would be put to good use, not to mention the fact that having this would be great when the bumper crop of tomatoes hit!

  • 438
    Kathryn C says:

    I want to start canning because since moving down here to the southern US, my friends all can their home grown fruits and veggies and I want to start since I also have a garden and I don’t like to see the excess go to waste!

    Kathryn C

  • 439
    Kat Emerick says:

    After the harsh winter that we just went through, I want to be able to go into the pantry and get fresh fruit and veggies without going out of the house.

  • 440
    Fran E. says:

    Home-grown gardens and canning provice a huge cost-savings to families.

  • 441
    Samantha says:

    I want to make fresher jams and sauces without all the artificial ingredients!

  • 442
    stan kabrt says:

    Have garden, need storage

  • 443
    Melanie Montgomery says:

    It’s something I’ve always wanted to try! My mom did it when I was growinh up.

  • 444
    Evelyn says:

    I would love this as i eat very few vegetables unless they are fresh or home canned.

  • 445
    Cherith says:

    We have various fruits and vegetables in our garden. I would like to be able to can what we cannot eat during harvest. There are also local farms where I can buy bulk fresh foods to can. This would provide a great savings for our food bill which continues to grow.

  • 446
    Angela Ash says:

    I garden year round and have tons of vegetables I can can. My mom has a garden and cans and tells me I need to do it already. I’d love to be able to can vegetables I grew for later use.

  • 447
    Lorena Keech says:

    I hate to see wonderful produce go to waste and it is impossible to eat all the tomatoes and corn we get in the summer.

  • 448
    Johniann says:

    I can get really cheap fruits and vegetables. If I can can them I save so much money. Right now, I recently moved and am inbetween jobs after graduating college. I need to save money everywhere I can.

  • 449
    Tracy Heyer says:

    I would love to make strawberry preserves!!Love my some homemade jelly!!!

  • 450
    Val says:

    I’d love to have a dedicated appliance for canning!

  • 451
    Doug D. says:

    I would like to can some jams, peppers, and pickles for starters. I have always wanted to can, so this system makes it look easy to do. I can’t wait to get started.

  • 452
    Roxann says:

    I want to start canning this summer because it would taste better than store bought and would save money.

  • 453
    Veronica Garrett says:

    I want to start canning because I want to eat healthy and save money on groceries.

  • 454
    Susan Robbins says:

    Every time I see fresh fruit and vegetables on sale at the supermarket, I wish I could preserve it longer and have always wanted to can like my grandmother did on the farm.

  • 455
    Opal Baker says:

    We have a big garden this year,which makes canning the only solution to the surplus.Plus we have peaches this year,Yahhhh.

  • 456
    Karen T Gonyea says:

    I would love to start canning so I could really reap the benefits of my garden !!

  • 457
    amy deeter says:

    i have never tried family and friends do and i think i would like to try give it a whirl

  • 458
    kris m says:

    I’d like to start canning strawberries

  • 459
    Dave Allstun says:

    I can know my food I make in this are chemical free

  • 460
    Jim Rector says:

    need it we can a lot

  • 461
    Cheryl Marlar says:

    I would love to learn how to can. I’ve always wanted to learn!

  • 462
    Emily Morelli says:

    I’ve been wanting to start canning the vegetables from our garden and the local market for years but I’ve always been intimidated by it. Maybe this would give me the confidence to get started.

  • 463
    Heather Giovannitti says:

    I think canning is a lost art. People don’t seem to care about their food, where is comes from, whats good and whats not. Most people don’t even garden. I garden and I can, but this canner is awesome. I can so I can get the most of my garden. Anything I have too much of I can. I also make tomato sauce to use for the winter. Nothing like a homemade tomato(from the garden) sauce in the middle of winter!

  • 464
    laurie says:

    I want to win so I can have garden foods all year round and save money, I just put my garden out and have to buy this stuff so if I win wow would be great

  • 465
    Betty C says:

    My mom always canned things from the garden and I want to be able to do the same. It’s a shame to let the extra go to waste.

  • 466
    Christian Alejandro says:

    We could save a lot of the ripe fruit we don’t think we might eat now. I’d love it for the fam.

  • 467
    Brian E. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway…we would like to can our bumper crop of cucumbers & tomatoes which we grow every summer !

  • 468
    Missy says:

    I would love to preserve the summer bounty.

  • 469
    Laurie Hasemeier says:

    I want to start canning to make healthier food for my family.

  • 470
    Jill Hampton says:

    I want to start canning because I watched my mom do it growing up, and it’s time for me to learn!

  • 471
    JANET reames mahurin says:

    I would love 2 win this because we have a garden so this would be an so awesome 2 win so we can preserve our vegtables 4 our family 🙂

  • 472
    Lily Kwan says:

    I want to start canning because it sounds very useful!

  • 473
    Fran E. says:

    Bring summer flavors to your meals year-round.

  • 474

    I have always wanted to try canning and this canning system looks like a dream come true! Would love to own this. Thank you!

  • 475
    Donna Noecker says:

    I love to can the vegetables from my garden — especially the bountiful tomatoes. This wonderful machine would make it so much easier!

  • 476
    Tamar says:

    I’d love some homemade canned goodness.

  • 477
    Val says:

    I want to make jam this summer.

  • 478
    MaryAnn Overby says:

    I can vegetables and make jam. Anything is appreciated.
    Mary Ann Overby

  • 479
    sharon says:

    I use to help my grandmother and mother can when I was a young child. I canned for my family after I had my four children. I have not canned in 25 years and would like to start canning again, for my health and now that I’m older, it would be much easier and not as my work for me with my health issues.

  • 480
    ConstanceD says:

    With the cost of food going up and the uncertainty of what additives or chemicals used in growing it, I have decided to start canning. It was good enough for my grandparents, it is good enough for me.

  • 481
    Kristen says:

    Just love canning!

  • 482
    Kelly says:

    My friend introduced me to canning last year, and it was a great way to preserve all the fruit from my trees. I hate to see food go to waste, and friends/family love to receive homemade jam as gifts!

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