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How to Make a Mint Julep

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With the weather getting warmer and Kentucky Derby next week, I figured it was a good time for a quick lesson on how to make the perfect Mint Julep!

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The formula for a Mint Julep is easy.   All you need is fresh mint, sugar, lots of crushed ice, and a nice bottle of Kentucky Bourbon.

In addition, the key to an absolutely perfect Mint Julep is the cup.  The best are served in silver or pewter cups allowing frost to form on the outside.  I like to place mine in the freezer even before I start mixing the drink to make sure it is ice cold.

My sister is an honorary Southern Belle, so I was able to borrow this cup from her.  They can be found at Crate and Barrel or Sur La Table, especially this time of year.

Start by muddling the fresh mint and sugar in the bottom of the glass.  You will want to gently crush the mint in order to release the essential oils, but for optimal flavor, be careful not to bruise the leaves.

I even suggest wiping the sides and rim of the glass with a mint leaf to further impart flavor to your julep.

Next, fill the glass halfway with crushed ice.  If you don’t have a freezer that will make crushed ice, you can always put ice cubes in your blender and create crushed ice that way.

Now is when you can add your bourbon and stir.  A beautiful frost will begin to form on the outside of your glass.  Finally, fill the glass up all the way to the top with crushed ice and stir once again.

Look at that beautiful frost on the pewter cup!  Be sure to hold it just on the top or bottom rim so your hands don’t warm the drink.  Finally, garnish with one last sprig of fresh mint and serve with a straw.

Now all I need is a wide brimmed hat and a slice of Kentucky Derby Pie!

Ready to make the perfect Mint Julep?

Follow this link for the recipe –>


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