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Oats and Flax Blueberry Crumble with Greek Yogurt

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This easy dessert will serve you well this holiday weekend, or throughout the summer!  You can’t get much better than a fruit crumble. The version I have for you today features one of my favorite fruits – blueberries!

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There are a few things that make this crumble just a little bit different.  First, I used a bit of vanilla sugar tossed with the blueberries.  You can purchase vanilla sugar at specialty markets (its often used in Scandinavian cooking, so IKEA is a good place to look), or you can make vanilla sugar yourself.

I also added a bit of flaxseed meal into the crumble topping.  I like the texture and subtle nutty flavor it added to the dessert, plus I’m not going to argue with some extra Omega-3′s in there!

Finally, I topped the dessert with a dollop of Greek yogurt instead of whipped cream or ice cream.  I really like the tartness of the yogurt balanced with the sugar in the berries and the crumble topping.  Just for fun I finished it off with a drizzle of honey.

Yogurt, berries, oats and honey.   Can I justify having this for breakfast?

Oats and Flax Blueberry Crumble with Greek Yogurt

Follow this link for the recipe –>  http://dessert.betterrecipes.com/oats-and-flax-blueberry-crumble-with-greek-yogurt.html


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