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Currant-Orange Bundt Cake

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Looking for a show-stopping dessert to serve this Easter weekend?  This Currant-Orange Bundt Cake is ready to wow.

It just happens to be another recipe I picked up at the Four Seasons Boston and comes straight from the pastry kitchen of the luxury hotel.

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If you saw my post yesterday, a few weeks back I had the pleasure of staying at the Four Seasons Boston for a weekend getaway with my sister.  One of the many highlights of the experience was a chance to tour the hotel kitchens!

This is a peek inside the pastry kitchen.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for that countertop space!  The work table alone is probably the same square footage of a New York City apartment…

They prepared a sampling of their mini desserts for us to try.  I think my favorite was the tiny creme brûlée topped with edible gold leaf!

Chef Robert was kind enough to demonstrate one of the newest items on the menu for spring, a stunning beet salad.

The hotel offers evening cooking classes inside the hotel kitchens.  They are offered to the general public once per month with themes ranging from “Haute French” to “Street Food Around The World.”  The cooking classes include hands on work, instruction, and recipes, aprons and gourmet treats to take home.

If you can’t make it to one of their cooking classes, you can always check out the official Four Seasons Boston E-cookbook!

Look at those gorgeous edible flowers!

One of the things I love about this property is their commitment to sustainability in an urban environment.  The Four Seasons Boston has a sustainable green roof to help reduce urban heat load while at the same time providing a multitude of aesthetic and environmental benefits.

The green roof even has a beehive to produce their own in-house honey and a garden.  In fact, there are 40,000 bees in their beehive and the garden contains over 2 dozen varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

This beet and burata salad is delicately finished off with a drizzle of their house made honey.  I can’t wait to return to Boston sometime in the Spring or Summer to see the rooftop garden in full bloom!

Now, back to this decadent dessert!  We all know that the Four Seasons is dedicated to a level of service that is head and shoulders above the rest.   However, I am not sure how they have the ability to actually predict your every need!

On Saturday my sister and I woke up and immediately started exploring the city on foot.  We shopped up and down Newberry and Charles Streets, without even the thought of stopping for lunch.  When we arrived back at the hotel mid-afternoon, we were hungry, but didn’t want to spoil our dinner in the Bristol Lounge later that evening.

Lo and behold, as we walked into the lobby, there was a little table off to our left with a cake stand and slices of this beautiful bundt.  Somehow they just knew, guests like us might want a small afternoon treat!

I asked the chef for the recipe and they kindly obliged.   I made one small tweak to the recipe…I added a splash of Grand Marnier to the glaze!

The bundt has a pound cake texture, with dried currants and orange zest.  For added pizzaz, I suggest filling the hole of the bundt with dried currants and garnishing the serving platter with small oranges.

Excited to try this “Currant-Orange Bundt Cake?”

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