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Egg and Ham Muffins – Best Breakfast or Brunch Reader’s Choice

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Drumroll please!  It’s time to announce the winners in our “Best Blogger Recipe Ever – Breakfast and Brunch” contest!   Today I am excited to reveal the Reader’s Choice and tomorrow the Editor’s Choice will be announced.

Congratulations to Ana from “Cooking with Love” for her “Egg and Ham Muffins!”

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What made you decide to enter the ”Best Blogger Ever” contest?

This is my first recipe contest!  I saw a post on Facebook with the contest link and I decided to participate.

How did you come up with your winning recipe?  

I have made this recipe for my family for many years.  It’s fast and delicious and everyone loves it!  I posted this recipe on my blog over a year ago and my friends and followers loved it too.  When I saw Better Recipes was hosting a contest for breakfast recipes, this was the one that came to mind to enter.

Why do you think this recipe won the “Reader’s Choice” award?  Did you do anything special to share or promote your recipe and encourage votes?

I think my recipe won because it’s easy to make, healthy and delicious.  It’s affordable too!  I didn’t do anything special to promote the entry, I just shared it with my friends and followers and they voted for it!

Do you have any recipe development or photography tips to share with our readers?

I love to cook for my family and friends , and if you cook with love everything tastes delicious!  As for the photography, I am a cook not a professional photographer so I just try my best!

Would you encourage other bloggers to enter recipe contests?  

Yes I encourage the bloggers to participate in recipe contests.  It’s great to see that your recipes are appreciated, and your hard work pays off.

When did you start the blog?  

I start my blog “Cooking with Love” in January of 2012.

Why did you start writing a food blog?  What motivates you to write and create new recipes for your audience?  

I always loved to cook and share my food and recipes with my family and friends.  One day I noticed on Facebook that lots of my friend were posting pictures of their food, so I start to post pictures too.  Then my friends started to ask me for the recipes.   Almost every day I had to write the recipes!  A friend of mine suggested that I start a blog with my recipes so it would be easier to share them with everybody!

What motivates me to post my recipes is seeing that the people really love the food I make.   For example, about a 18 months ago I started a low carb/low fat diet and since then I have created over 230 recipes for this diet.  My recipes are helping thousands of people who follow this diet to eat delicious food every day and become slimmer and healthier.  I lost 80 pounds since I started the Dukan diet!


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