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Vegan Strawberry Almond Milk

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Strawberry season is here and I just can’t get enough of these perfectly ripe berries!  After stocking up on a few pints from the grocery store, I was looking for something different to make.

You can make homemade Strawberry Milk with just about any kind of milk to fit your particular tastes or dietary needs.  This time around I made it using vanilla almond milk to make a vegan version, and it turned out great!

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To make strawberry milk, all you have to do is puree strawberries and a little sugar in a food processor until smooth.   Then press it through a fine mesh strainer to release the strawberry juice.  (You can discard the pulp left in the strainer.)

The strawberry juice can be mixed in with your favorite milk and, voila!  Homemade strawberry milk.

This makes for a great afternoon snack or as a mix-in for smoothies.   I combined this strawberry almond milk with spinach, fresh strawberries and some ice and it was an outstanding breakfast!

Want to try this Vegan version of “Strawberry Almond Milk?”

Follow this link for the complete recipe –>


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