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Homemade Energy Bars

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Energy bars are convenient and they are great for that little boost in the afternoon.  This homemade version is packed with fiber, omega-3′s, and just a hit of sweetness to make it a treat!

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These bars start with high fiber rolled oats and Grape Nuts cereal along with whole wheat flour and ground flaxseeds.  It is sweetened with a drizzle of honey, a bit of brown sugar and mashed bananas.  I added chopped prunes and walnuts for another flavor dimension and texture.  Finally, I decided to throw in a handful of mini chocolate chips to make it fun!

The bars come together easily and then bake for about 30 minutes.  After they are completely cooled, I like to cut the bars into 24 squares and wrap each one individually.  That way they are ready to grab anytime and are just as convenient as the pre-packaged version you would buy in the store.

Ready to make these “Homemade Energy Bars?”

Follow this link for the recipe –> http://healthy.betterrecipes.com/homemade-energy-bars.html 


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