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Copycat Coffee Cart “Egg and Cheese on a Roll”

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In the city that never sleeps, a quick on-the-go breakfast is a must.  That’s why on just about every other street corner in New York you will find a coffee cart.  A mobile breakfast depot with everything you need to start your morning:  drip coffee, bagels, pastries, and, of course,  warm breakfast sandwiches.

This copycat version of “Egg and Cheese on a Roll” is an at home version of the classic New York street food.

Keep reading for the recipe…

This is my go-to coffee cart right by Columbus Circle.  In the time it took them to prepare my Egg and Cheese on a Roll, the vendor fulfilled three other orders by memory.  He simply saw the smiling face of his regular customer and handed over their usual order without having to ask.  See, New York really is just a small town!

The “Egg and Cheese on a Roll” is just that – a simple, 3-ingredient recipe.  A warm Kaiser roll is sliced and filled with 2 eggs and melted American cheese.  I am not usually the biggest fan of American cheese, but here it is a must!

Of course, this breakfast must be enjoyed with a drip coffee in a classic to-go cup.

This iconic paper coffee cup design known as the “Anthora” has been around since 1963 and has become a staple of New York City daily life.  You have probably seen them used as props in TV shows and movies set in NYC.

The sandwiches come wrapped in paper and sliced in half.  (Easier to eat with one hand while riding the subway.)

Ready to make your own version of “New York Coffee Cart Egg and Cheese on a Roll?”

Follow this link for the recipe –>


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