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Triple Ginger Cake

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Ginger just might be my favorite flavor on the planet.  It’s excellent in both sweet and savory dishes.  You can enjoy it ground, pickled, candied, or freshly grated.  I’ll take an ice cold ginger ale over cola any day.

In other words, when it comes to this Triple Ginger Cake, it’s simply a slice of heaven!

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As the name implies, there are three kinds of ginger in this cake:  ground ginger in the batter along with ginger ale (or ginger beer), plus there is crystalized ginger mixed in the frosting and sprinkled on top.   

For this recipe I used my favorite new discovery from Whole Foods – crystalized Ginger Chips from a company called The Ginger People.  Instead of buying way overpriced crystalized ginger in a tiny jar, this bag makes recipes a breeze.

Also, there is a ginger cookie recipe on the back of the bag.  I made it the other day and it was hands down the best ginger cookie I have ever had.  Go hunt down a bag just for that recipe alone!

I also noticed Whole Foods carries other products from The Ginger People.  I used their ginger beer in this recipe.  So much better than your typical ginger ale!   They even make a ginger jam that I swirl into my Greek yogurt in the morning…pure bliss.

I love the layers of this cake because they are so light and airy from whipped egg whites folded into the batter.  They turn out of the pan perfectly and look so beautiful when stacked.

The icing is a classic cream cheese frosting with bits of crystalized ginger mixed in.  I think this cake looks beautiful only frosted in-between the layers and on the top.  It’s nice to see the cake itself as well.

This would make an excellent Easter dessert as you start planning your spring holiday meals!

Triple Ginger Cake

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