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Broccoli Slaw Salad – Best Blogger Salad Reader’s Choice Winner

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Last month, we asked our members to submit their Best Salad Recipes Ever.  We were blown away by all the fresh and colorful entries!

Today we are proud to announce the Reader’s Choice winner.  Congratulations to Rebekah Gusman from Decadently Fit on her winning “Broccoli Slaw Salad!’”

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How did you come up with your winning recipe?

I developed the recipe for a Teacher Appreciation Lunch at my sons school last year. I wanted to to give them a healthy yet, decadent salad to incorporate into their meal. A recipe that made them feel special without the guilt of an unhealthy dish.

Why do you think this recipe won the “Reader’s Choice” award? Did you do anything special to share or promote your recipe and encourage votes?

I won this award because I have amazing blog followers, family and friends. I shared with them that I was in the contest, and they did the rest. I am so thankful for their support.

Do you have any recipe development or photography tips to share with our readers?

When I am developing a new recipe I always write down each ingredient with specific measurements as I go. Otherwise I would be guessing from memory. The latter method has proven disastrous on many occasions.

I am still a newbie to food photography. The one tip I would give is to learn about white balance. Even without completely knowing what I am doing in the world of photography, changing my white balance has improved my pictures.

Have you seen an increase in traffic to your blog or this recipe since your win?

Yes. When I posted about my winning I had a lot more traffic than usual. I think people genuinely like to hear good news.

Would you encourage other bloggers to enter recipe contests?

Absolutely! It’s a fun way to introduce your recipes to the world, and you just might win.

When did you start the blog?

I started my blog at the end of January 2013. I just celebrated my one year blogging anniversary!

Why did you start writing a food blog? What motivates you to write and create new recipes for your audience?

I started my blog for two reasons. First to give my recipes a home. A place where I can send people who want to know how I maintain a healthy lifestyle through food. My second reason was to help with our expenses through monetizing my blog.

I am motivated by both of those reasons. I like giving people a fun perspective of healthy food. To show them that healthy does not need to mean boring. I have been a stay at home mom for almost eight years and wanted to be able to contribute to our families financial goals and needs without sacrificing time with my kids.

Do you focus on a particular angle or subject matter?

My main focus is creating healthy versions of comfort foods. Creating decadent meal that still keep you fit. Hence the name of my blog, Decadently Fit. I have recently taken that philosophy a step further by creating customized meal plans for individuals or families who don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge needed to embark on a healthy eating lifestyle. Decadently Fit gives them insight into the types of meals they can expect when working with me.

Do you have any tips for readers interested in starting their own blog?

Just start writing. You will learn as you go. Attend conferences when you can, and start integrating yourself into the blogging communities, they are the biggest source of knowledge.

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