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Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea

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What a special weekend!  This Saturday I helped host a “Bridal Shower Afternoon Tea” to celebrate my sister’s upcoming wedding.   The event was held at my Grandma’s house in the beautiful rolling hills of Marin County, outside San Francisco.

There were scones, sandwiches and cakes galore.  Over the next few days I will share with you all the recipes from this elegant spread!

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A “Best Wishes” banner over the dining room window greeted the guests.

The views from the dining room were absolutely stunning!  After a few days of rain, the hills were beginning to turn a lush green.  We even saw deer frolicking and horses running past the window.  Quite the setting for an afternoon with friends and family.

Of course, an afternoon tea spread isn’t complete without…the tea!  We were treated to a gift from our former neighbor back in Libertyville, IL.  She special ordered Fortnum and Mason Wedding Breakfast Tea from London!

This special blend was created by Fortnum and Mason to mark the royal wedding of William and Kate.  It even contains the addition of a little Kenyan tea into the blend – the location of Prince William’s marriage proposal.

My mom added one more special order from across the pond.  This is a “break and share” shortbread called a “Broye de Poitou.” It was once only available in France, but now the Breton Gourmet offers the shortbread products in America.

It is a large crusty shortbread topped with slivered almonds, baked to celebrate events such as the harvest and weddings in a French countryside village near Poitiers, between Paris and Bordeaux.

Besides the elegant tea, we also wanted to offer a cool, refreshing beverage to the guests.  This recipe is a blend of fresh squeezed juices and torn mint leaves.   It was a huge it!

Follow this link for our “Bridal Shower Mintade Punch!”

Over the next few days I will be sharing our recipes for currant scones and a variety of tiny tea sandwiches.  Stay tuned!


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