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Super “Bread” Bowl Dips

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Getting ready for the Super Bowl this weekend?  It sure is hopping here in New York City!  The city is jam packed with visitors and it seems like everyone is throwing parties, even before the big game!  Even Times Square is shut down for a street party they are calling “Super Bowl Boulevard.

I wanted to get in the Super Bowl spirit with two different dip-in-a-bread-bowl recipes.  One to celebrate the Denver Broncos and one in honor of the Seattle Seahawks.

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The first bread bowl dip is a classic game day fare.  There’s cheese, bacon, pickled jalapeños and a dash of Coors beer, a Colorado classic.  This is the perfect dip for chips, pretzels, and cubed bread.

I call this “Bucking Bronco Beer and Bacon Dip.”

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Both of these dips are served in a round loaf of my favorite King’s Hawaiian bread.  This soft and subtly sweet bread is a great contrast to the savory dips.  I like to hollow out the center and cube the bread for dipping!

Be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter and Instagram pages today because I will be posting updates from a King’s Hawaiian Super Bowl celebration onboard the Bud Light Hotel Cruise Ship.  There will be great recipes to share and even an appearance from a celebrity chef!

This second dip is for all the Seattle Seahawks fans out there.  There is such great seafood in Seattle, I certainly wanted to make crab and shrimp the base of the dish.   Of course, Washington state is also known for their wine growing regions.  I figured a dash of Columbia Valley white wine couldn’t hurt!

I like to offer not only cubed bread and crackers, but also carrot and celery sticks with this dip.

“Seattle Seafood and Washington Wine Dip”

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