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Snow Cookies – Best Blogger Holiday Recipe Winner

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Just last month we were on the hunt for the Best Blogger Holiday Recipe.   Today, I am pleased to announce the winner – round of applause to Christina from Christina’s Cucina for her “Snow Cookies!

Don’t think of these as only a holiday treat – just look at the weather outside right now!  There seems to be enough snow to celebrate and enjoy these cookies far into the new year.

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These “snow” covered treats are two simple shortbread cookies sandwiched together with sweet raspberry jam, topped with white icing and finely shredded coconut.

Christina says, “You can make a batch of Snow Cookies (without putting the jam in the middle) and they’ll stay fresh in a tin for weeks…just sandwich them together right before you plan to eat them or give them away.”  Great tip!

Follow this link for the recipe –>

What made you decide to enter the “Best Blogger Ever” contest?

I follow on Facebook and Twitter, so when I saw the Holiday Recipe Contest, I just knew I had to enter my Snow Cookie recipe!

How did you come up with your winning recipe?

When I was a little girl in Scotland, my mother often made Snow Cake, which had a biscuit (cookie) base, a slathering of raspberry jam, topped with a layer of cake, and crowned with white icing and shredded coconut. I have always been smitten with coconut, and I just adored this cake. My Snow Cookies combine a delicate, shortbread-like cookie, with the fruitiness of raspberry jam, the sweetness of the icing and coconut, all in one bite…its just a fabulous blend of flavors which was based on my mother’s Snow Cake.

Do you have any recipe development or photography tips to share with our readers?

My own “Golden Rule” of recipe development is to always give credit to the original source. Many of the recipes on my blog are adapted from other recipes, so I always give credit where credit is due. I try not to use the word “authentic” loosely, or as an adjective, and do substantial research on recipes; even ones I’ve made hundreds of times. I feel I owe it to my readers to give them quality material.

Would you encourage other bloggers to enter recipe contests?

Absolutely! I think it validates a blogger’s recipes, and adds to one’s culinary resume! (Not to mention, who doesn’t like winning?)

When did you start the blog?

I started Christina’s Cucina in September of 2011, right after my son went off to university. I had breakfast with two friends one morning, who encouraged me to start a blog. I told them I didn’t know anything about blogging, but when I got home, I googled, “how to start a blog”, and one minute later I received a message reading, “Congratulations, your blog is live!” or something to that effect. I was shocked, because I was so unprepared, but I just learned by trial and error; I’m still learning and have so much more to learn.

Why did you start writing a food blog? What motivates you to write and create new recipes for your audience?

I wanted to do something in the culinary field instead of going back into social work, and with so many friends and family prodding me along that path, as I explained, I started a blog without realizing it was so simple to get one started. I have several reasons for blogging, but one of my main goals is to encourage my readers to get into the kitchen and cook more homemade meals, especially for their children. It is more important now than ever, because of the unpredictability of our food sources; prepared and restaurant meals are becoming more and more filled with chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, and unsafe ingredients. I want to show readers that one need not spend endless hours and a massive budget in order to eat healthy and delicious meals. I prefer simple, few ingredient recipes using high quality ingredients, rather than a recipe with a laundry list of ingredients with many competing flavors which ends up smothered in a condiment, because it isn’t that exciting.

Do you focus on a particular angle or subject matter?

Yes, because I’m italian, and was born in Scotland, I focus on these two cuisines because they are the most typical dishes that my mother made, and taught me to make, as I was growing up. However, I don’t limit myself to only posting these recipes because I love many other varieties of cuisines, and although I have a sweet tooth and a tendency to choose to make a sweet dish over savory. I truly enjoy making appetizers, soups, main dishes, pickles, jams, charcuterie, alcoholic beverages, or anything else you could think to concoct in a kitchen!

Do you have any tips for readers interested in starting their own blog?

After attending Camp Blogaway (yes, it’s a food-blogging camp!) last year, and hearing almost every speaker give the same advice, “be yourself”, I would have to agree. It is of the utmost importance not to try to imitate or copy anyone else’s style, voice or content. Readers will realize that you and your blog are not truly authentic , so what’s the point?







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