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Healthy Salmon Dinner

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Would you believe this healthy salmon dinner can be made in under 5 minutes…in the microwave?!

It’s true!  This easy and elegant dish is made “en papillote” or in a parchment bag.

“En papillote” is a fancy way of saying a dish is cooked by steaming it inside parchment paper bag.  You can make one easily out of a square of parchment paper and folding it closed.  This is a very healthy food preparation technique if you are looking to keep some of those New Year’s resolutions!

Keep reading for the recipe…

For this recipe, you begin with 4 squares of parchment paper.  Upon each piece, place thin slices of red potato.  Top with a piece of salmon, followed by herbs and vegetables.   Before closing the bag, sprinkle with a bit of white wine.  Not only will this help create a moist environment for steaming, it also adds flavor and dimension to the dish.

The parchment bag is folded tight and microwaved for about 3 1/2 minutes.   When it is done, simply cut open the bag with scissors or a paring knife and serve.

This particular recipe was developed by the Culinary Institute of America for the Panasonic Inverter microwave oven.  They wanted to show how you can utilize professional techniques to make quick and easy everyday meals!

It idea behind this Inverter technology is that it allows variable microwave power, allowing even delicate foods (like salmon!) to cook evenly without the edges or surfaces overcooking or the inside remaining cold.  A perfectly cooked piece of fish from the microwave?   Yes, it is possible!

Follow this link to make “Salmon en Papillote” in the microwave –>

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