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5 Easy Holiday Hosting Tips!

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How is it that the “most wonderful time of the year” can also sometimes be the most stressful?  Hosting holiday gatherings can be a lot of work.  However, with a few tips and creative shortcuts, you can sit back, relax and be a guest at your own party!

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Take a look at that spread – seems like a lot of work, right?  Nope!  With the help of Hickory Farm’s “Toast the Traditions” Gift Box (and my own special recipe!) you can throw a cocktail party in minutes.

5 Easy Holiday Hosting Tips:

1)  Make a Game Plan:  Anytime you host a get-together, you want to do as much in advance of you party as possible.  I recently heard Top Chef Judge Tom Colicchio say, the day of a party he doesn’t want to pick up a knife.  Meaning, he has already done all the prep work, chopping, etc.. so on the big day it is more about “assembling” what you have prepared.  Also, when you have to serve a big meal, it helps to write out a specific schedule of when dishes go into the oven or when they begin to cook on the stove top.  Don’t scramble – plan!

2)  Clean Your Fridge and Pantry:  An important part of the planning process is knowing what you already have on hand and making sure you have the space to hold all your groceries.  There’s nothing worse than coming home from the store and realizing you bought ingredients already in your pantry.  Or trying to put everything away when there’s no room in the refrigerator.  Clean it out now, and you will thank yourself later!

3)  Decorate on a Dime:  Don’t spend a fortune on decorations or centerpieces – get creative with what you have on hand!  I love to use a scarf as a table runner with coordinating mittens as place setting holders.

4) Decide to Delegate:  Do you have an aunt who makes desserts to die for?  Maybe your simply can’t live without your mom’s spectacular side dishes.  Great!  Just make sure you plan for any dishes that are brought to the party.  It should coordinate with your overall menu and you need to make sure you have time and space to reheat and serve.  What if someone in your family simply can’t cook but insists on bringing something?   Ice!  You will always need extra ice on hand and their help can be a real lifesaver when you are busy cooking and can’t run out to the store!

5)  Find Shortcuts:  Embrace tradition (and convenience!) by utilizing one of my favorite time saving shortcuts – an appetizer or dessert gift box from Hickory Farms.  We have been enjoying their sausages and cheeses for years and it just doesn’t feel like the holidays until we unwrap one of their gift boxes.  While you are finishing up the main course, let your guests snack on something that was delivered right to your doorstep!

For this party, I opened up the Hickory Farms “Toast the Traditions” box but added my own special touch.  I used the bottle of white wine to create this recipe for “Winter White Sangria.”  It is effortless to make and even utilizes some of the items in the box!

A bottle of chardonnay is combined with slices of red apple, green pear, ginger liqueur and warm winter spices.  For a festive garnish, I like to insert a branch of fresh rosemary or thyme into a cinnamon stick.

Follow this link for the complete recipe –>  http://drink.betterrecipes.com/winter-white-sangria-1.html

Need a few “Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party?”  Check out this video!  I even show you how to make inexpensive and tasteful decorations with items you already have around the house.

Is this your first year hosting the family get-together?  Check out “Holiday Hosting 101” for the basics to a stress-free event.

Let me show you how to make the “Winter White Sangria” recipe.  Also, learn why Hickory Farms is “A Gift Worth Giving” this holiday season.

For more great video tips, be sure to check out the Hickory Farms YouTube Channel!  

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