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Perfect Mashed Potatoes

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Believe it or not, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

The one dish I most look forward to on this holiday?  Mashed potatoes.  That’s why I am dedicating the blog every Tuesday for the next month to my love of this scrumptious side dish.  Who’s ready for “Mashed Potato Month!”  

Keep reading for the recipe…

I figured we should start with the basics – a classic, perfect mashed potato recipe.  If you are a traditionalist, then this recipe is for you.  If you like to jazz things up a bit, stay tuned!  We will riff on this classic for the next few weeks.  I think you will enjoy the ride!

Start with 1 1/2 pounds of Russet potatoes that have been peeled and cubed.   Boil in salted water for 15-20 minutes, or until the potatoes are tender.  Once the potatoes are drained, simply mash and beat in butter and cream, then season with salt and pepper.

This preparation serves 4 but it can easily be doubled, tripled, or more for a crowd!

Need a great recipe for “Classic Mashed Potatoes?”

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