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Best “Copy Cat” Recipe Ever – Panda Express Orange Chicken

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This weekend, don’t make reservations, make a restaurant-style recipe at home!

We recently held a “Copy Cat” recipe contest, and one delicious dish was named the winner.  Congratulations to “ChefV” for this award-winning version of “Panda Express Orange Chicken!”

Keep reading for the winning recipe…

The great thing about making your own version of take-out at home, is that you can control exactly what you put in your meal.  Anyone with food allergies or on special diets can tweak their favorite restaurant recipes to fit their needs.  In addition, eating out also usually involves higher levels of sodium and fat then we tend to use at home.

This version of “Orange Chicken” uses fresh ingredients and tastes just like the the dish you love from your favorite Chinese restaurants.  Give it a try this weekend and see for yourself!

Ready to make “Panda Express Orange Chicken?”

Follow this link for the recipe –>

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