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Blueberry Tart for My Birthday!

6 Comments | Written on September 10, 2013 at 12:00 am , by

Yes, it’s true…today is my birthday!  Sure, I love cakes, but fruit pies have always been tops in my book.  It might be hard to put a candle in this particular tart, but that’s ok.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll have pie if I want to!   

Keep reading for the recipe…

There are a few reasons why I decided on this “Blueberry-Cardamom Almond Tart” to ring in a new year of life.

First of all, it’s only 5-ingredients!  No need to fuss, this dessert is super easy.

Second, it involves berries.  I have never met a berry I didn’t like.

Finally, one word – cardamom.   Pretty much my favorite spice of all time!  Invest in a jar, you won’t regret it.

The key to this interesting recipe is a tube of almond paste.  It is grated and then folded into whipped egg whites.  I used Odense Almond Paste which comes in a 7 ounce tube.   If you have another brand on hand, measure about a cup before grating.

It comes out of the oven a beautiful golden hue and has the light and airy texture of cloud.

Go ahead, have a slice!  Let’s celebrate together!

Follow this link for the full recipe –>


6 Responses to “Blueberry Tart for My Birthday!”

  • 1
    Susan Bickta says:

    Wow!! That pie (tart?) looks awesome!! So, put some candles in it …… make a wish …. and have a great birthday!!

  • 2
    Vseward says:

    .♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸..♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸..♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸.Happy Birthday to you .♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸..♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸..♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸.Happy Birthday to you .♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸..♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸..♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸.Happy …. .♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸..♥ .¸¸. •´¯`´¸..♥ .¸¸. •´¯`.Happy Birthday to you!

  • 3
    Kay Z says:

    Happy Birthday!! we’re two of a kind. I usually choose a fruit pie for my birthday!

  • 4
    Erin P says:

    Have a lovely birthday, looks like it’s been delicious so far!

  • 5
    denise says:

    happy belated birthday!

  • 6
    Rebecca Hawkins says:

    The best desserts for me are those that are homemade. Ever since I tried one from a finger food catering, I started loving them and wanted to make my own versions.

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