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Favorite S’Mores Recipes

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Last night, I had way too much fun with fondant.  If you love watching any of the cake decorating shows like “Ace of Cakes” then this is a television dream come true!  Imagine all the tools at your fingertips and free reign to express your cake creativity.

Right here in LA is “Duff’s Cake Mix” a bakery and DIY studio space where kids and adults can gather to decorate cakes like the pros.  This was my creation for the evening – it’s a giant toasted marshmallow on-a-stick!   It makes sense when you know the cake inside is s’mores flavored.

Keep reading for the recipes!

A group of food bloggers gathered at Duff’s Cake Mix last night to celebrate the launch of Susan Whetzel’s (Doughmesstic.com) new cookbook “The S’Mores Cookbook.”

We could choose any color combination of fondants and frostings, plus there were a plethora of decorative candies and professional tools at our fingertips.  Each one of us had a unique perspective and inspiration for our design.  It was a blast!

Since we were there to celebrate a s’mores cookbook, the inside of all our cakes was the same.  I was excited to take mine home and look at a slice!  The chocolate layers were filled with graham cracker bits, chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows.

How do you like to get creative with s’more flavors?  Here are 9 of our favorite recipes featuring this iconic chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow combination.  Pick a favorite and indulge this weekend!

Top 9 S’More Recipes

(clockwise from upper left corner)

S’More Bars – http://cookie.betterrecipes.com/s-more-bars-2.html

Braided S’More Bread – http://bread.betterrecipes.com/braided-s-more-bread.html

S’More Cookie Pizza – http://cookie.betterrecipes.com/smore-cookie-pizza.html

S’Mores Rice Krispies Squares – http://cookie.betterrecipes.com/s-mores-rice-krispies-squares.html

S’More Bundt Cake – http://bread.betterrecipes.com/s-more-bundt.html

Warm and Toasty S’Mores Tart – http://christmas.betterrecipes.com/warm-and-toasty-smores-tart.html

S’Mores Cupcakes – http://cake.betterrecipes.com/s-mores-cupcakes.html

S’More Cookie Cups – http://cookie.betterrecipes.com/s-more-cookie-cups.html

Tropical S’Mores – http://easy.betterrecipes.com/tropical-s-mores.html

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